Two Doctors Share Their COVID-19 Vaccination Experiences!

We spoke to two doctors, who agreed to share about their recent COVID-19 vaccination experiences.

Find out how what they felt about the COVID-19 vaccination, and the side effects they experienced!


Two Doctors Share Their COVID-19 Vaccination Experiences!

Currently, the Malaysia COVID-19 Immunisation Programme uses both the Pfizer COMIRNATY and Sinovac CoronaVac vaccines

But whichever vaccine is provided, the vaccination process itself is rather similar and straightforward.

  • the first dose is injected into the deltoid muscle of the upper arm.
  • the second dose is injected after 14 days (Sinovac) or 21 days (Pfizer).

Many members of the public have expressed their concerns about the COVID-19 vaccination process, and any side effects they may experience.

So we spoke to two doctors, who agreed to share about their recent COVID-19 vaccination experiences.

They were both part of Phase 1 of the COVID-19 Immunisation Programme, and so received the Pfizer vaccine.

Dr. Jenny Lim (Institut Perubatan Respiratori)

Dr. Jenny Lim arrived at Hospital Kuala Lumpur for her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at 12:15 PM, and was registered within 10 minutes, and given a waiting card.

She was vaccinated at 12:40 PM, and then asked to wait for 30 minutes – to ensure that there was no anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine, before leaving at 1:10 PM.

The whole process was pretty seamless, and took less than 1 hour, including the post-vaccination waiting time.

Dr. Lim detailed her post-vaccination side-effects, cautioning that some may be related to some heavy lifting she did at her hospital in the morning of her vaccination appointment :

Day 1

4 PM : 3/10 pain in the upper buttocks
6 PM : 3/10 neck pain
7:30 PM : neck pain increased to 4/10, took a tablet of Voltaren (Diclofenac)
9:30 PM : felt somnolent (sleepy)

Day 2

On waking up : 2/10 pain at the injection site, disappeared in 2-3 hours
No other symptoms

Verdict? Cannot wait for the second dose on 9 April 2021!

Dr. Lim says, please vaccinate yourself against COVID-19, so you won’t end up like our little friend here!

Dr. Lim Swee Siang (Klinik Lim S2)

Dr. Lim Swee Siang, a private practitioner in Seremban 2, was just vaccinated with his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

He arrived for his first dose at the Klinik Kesihatan Seremban 2 at 10:40 AM. Registration was very fast, and he was vaccinated by 10:55 AM.

He waited 30 minutes – a precautionary measure in case of an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine – and then was given the green light to leave.

He experienced only minor side effects on the first day :

Day 1

Slight pain at the injection site. Didn’t take any medication for the pain.

Some somnolence for 1-2 hours.

Day 2

No symptoms

On 31 March 2021, he received his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and the symptoms were even milder this time :

Day 1

1/10 pain at the injection site. Didn’t take any medication.

This is Dr. Lim’s advice to everyone :

I urge those who are still not decided yet, those who are still in doubt about the vaccine safety profiles and those ‘wait and see’, please register now and get vaccinated later.


Malaysia COVID-19 Vaccination : How To Register?

There are FIVE (5) ways to register for free COVID-19 vaccination in Malaysia :

  1. The MySejahtera app.
  2. The Vaksin COVID website.
  3. A telephone hotline.
  4. Manually at health clinics, hospitals and private clinics
  5. House-to-house registration at targeted rural areas for senior citizens.

Public registration program for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the COVID-19 vaccine programme began on 1 March 2021.

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