Did Dani Hampson Die From COVID-19 Vaccine?!

Did Dani Hampson – X Factor star Tom Mann’s fiancee, die from the COVID-19 vaccine on the day of their wedding?!

Take a look at the viral claim by tech millionaire Steve Kirsch, and find out what the facts really are!


Steve Kirsch : Dani Hampson Died From COVID-19 Vaccine!

Tech millionaire Steve Kirsch is back with yet another COVID-19 vaccine death claim, after suggesting that Gwen Casten died from the vaccine!

This time, he claims that Danielle “Dani” Hampson – the 34 year-old fiancee of X Factor star Tom Mann, and the mother of his son, died in her sleep from the COVID-19 vaccine!

His article is long-winded as usual, so let me just share with you part of his summary. But I recommend you just skip to the next section for the facts.

Here’s the latest victim. I wonder what the cause is? It only started happening after the vaccines rolled out, and it’s ONLY happening to vaccinated people. The CDC refuses to investigate.

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There Is No Evidence Dani Hampson Died Of COVID-19 Vaccine!

As usual, Steve Kirsch jumps to conclusion that the COVID-19 vaccine killed Dani Hampson, based on ZERO EVIDENCE.

Despite writing such a long article, he offered NO EVIDENCE that Dani Hampson died from the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Did her fiancee, Tom Mann, say so? Nope!
  • Did Dani Hampson’s autopsy report say so? Nope!
  • Did anyone reveal Dani Hampson’s cause of death? Nope!

Now, I will go through the key conjectures he made, and show you why they are literally… bullshit.

Claim : 34 year old Danielle “Dani” Hampson died in her sleep.
Verdict : Unknown
Fact :
 No one, not even Tom Mann, said that Dani Hampson died in her sleep.
Fact : The Sun (which Steve Kirsch quoted) never said that Dani Hampson died in her sleep.
Fact : Steve Kirsch offered no evidence that Dani Hampson died in her sleep.
Fact : All we know is that she passed away in the early hours of their wedding day.
Opinion : It is possible that Danielle may have died in her sleep, but we do not know that for sure. Many bloggers claim that she died in a car accident (which is also unconfirmed). For certain, Steve Kirsch proffered no evidence she died in her sleep.

Claim : Dani Hampson was vaccinated.
Verdict : Unknown
Fact : Dani Hampson’s vaccination status is currently unknown.
Fact : Steve Kirsch offered no evidence that Dani Hampson was vaccinated against COVID-19.
Fact : If Dani Hampson was vaccinated against COVID-19, she would have received her vaccinations in 2021 – more than half a year ago.
Fact : Vaccine side effects occur in the first 2-3 days. Even adverse effects like myocarditis and VITT occur within days of receiving the vaccine.
Fact : Vaccine side effects have noticeable symptoms. If Dani had myocarditis or VITT, she would have noticed symptoms like chest pain, breathing difficulties, etc.

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Claim : Only vaccinated people die suddenly in their sleep.
Verdict : False
Fact : Unexplained deaths in adults are common enough that there is a term for it – Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS), also known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.
Fact : SADS was first noted in 1977 in Hmong community in the United States and Canada. In other words, people have been dying suddenly in their sleep long before COVID-19 vaccines were invented!
Fact : SADS kills about 500 people in the United Kingdom every year, long before COVID-19 vaccines were invented.

Claim : Danielle Hampson died from COVID-19 vaccine
Verdict : False
Fact : Dani Hampson’s cause of death is currently unknown. Unknown means it’s not yet known. It doesn’t mean she died from the vaccine.
Fact : Death from vaccine side effects can be proven. Vaccine-induced myocarditis, for example, has distinct histopathology findings that are different from typical myocarditis.
Opinion : Unless her death was proven to be due to COVID-19 vaccination, it would be false and wrong to make that claim.
Fact : The UK Office for National Statistics data on Sudden Adult Deaths from 2016 to 2020 showed NO INCREASE in SADS cases, demonstrating that COVID-19 vaccines did not increase the prevalence of SADS.

Years Sudden Adult Death
Syndrome Cases
2016 116
2017 63
2018 53
2019 87
2020 115

Claim : Google search interest in “healthy young people dying” prove that it’s due to COVID-19 vaccines.
Verdict : False
Fact : Popularity of Google search terms only shows what people are interested in searching for, not actual incidences.
Fact :
 Just because many people searched for “healthy young people dying” around July 2020 does not mean that many healthy young people were dying in July 2020. Interest may have peaked at that time due to fake news circulating about “healthy young people dying” from vaccines.

Claim : Young people are dying in their sleep at an extraordinary rate.
Verdict : False
Fact :
 Steve Kirsch offered no evidence that there is an extraordinary increase in young people dying in their sleep.
Fact : Statistics for England and Wales from 2011 to 2020 showed NO INCREASE in children and teenagers dying, clearly demonstrating that COVID-19 vaccines did not increase the prevalence of sudden unexplained deaths.

So far, I fact checked a few of his claims, and they were all proven FALSE.

Whatever Steve Kirsch writes about science and medicine should be considered FALSE, until proven otherwise.

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