Will COVID-19 Vaccines Reduce Our Immunity For 6 Weeks?

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Will COVID-19 vaccines reduce our body’s immunity for 6 weeks, putting us at greater risk of getting infected by the coronavirus?

Find out what’s this viral Internet advice all about, and what the FACTS really are!


Claim : COVID-19 Vaccines Reduce Our Immunity For 6 Weeks!

This piece of medical advice is going viral on WhatsApp, warning that our immunity will drop for 6 weeks after receiving COVID-19 vaccination.



Reasons for people getting infected even after taking two doses of the corona vaccine:
▪️ The second dose is to be taken 21/28 days after the first dose of the corona vaccine.
▪️ The vaccine starts to form antibodies immediately after entering the body.
▪️ When antibodies are forming in our body, our immunity decreases a lot.
▪️ When we take the second dose of the vaccine after the 21/28 days, our immunity decreases even more.
▪️ 14 days after the second dose, when the antibodies are completely formed in our body, our immunity starts to grow rapidly.
▪️ During this one and a half month, due to low immunity, the chances of the corona virus entering our body are very high. It is due to an exposure to the virus at this vulnerable time that a person gets infected.Hence, it is very risky to get out of the house during this month and a half.
▪️ Even after taking two doses of the vaccine, you can become a victim of Corona.
▪️ After one and a half months, the immunity in the body rises by 100 to 200 times, after which you are safe.
▪️ Need to be careful and safe for one and a half months from the first dose.
That’s why
▪️ Make sure to wear a mask
▪️ Get out of the house only if necessary.


COVID-19 Vaccines Will NOT Reduce Our Immunity At All!

Like 95% of viral messages on COVID-19 – this is yet another piece of FAKE NEWS based on some facts.

Let’s examine each claim and find out what the facts really are!

Fact #1 : Dose Intervals Depends On Vaccine

The dose interval very much depends on the vaccine, and other factors :

Instead of relying on a WhatsApp message of unknown provenance (who wrote it?), ask your doctor or just follow your vaccination appointment.

Fact #2 : Vaccines Don’t Form Antibodies

COVID-19 vaccines are basically training boot camps for your immune system. They don’t form antibodies.

Instead, they mimic the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so that your immune system can learn to identify it, and create antibodies against the real virus.

Your own immune system creates the antibodies, not the vaccine.

Will COVID-19 Vaccines Reduce Our Immunity For 6 Weeks?

Fact #3 : Immunity Does Not Drop With COVID-19 Vaccination

You may feel a bit sick after your vaccination. That is not evidence that COVID-19 vaccines reduce our immunity.

That is your body’s natural reaction, as your immune system is triggered by the viral antigens presented by the vaccine.

As your immune system learns to make antibodies against these antigens, it grows stronger against COVID-19, not weaker.

Fact #4 : Full Immunity Takes Time

It is true that full immunity takes time – often two weeks after the second dose is taken (for a 2-dose vaccine).

The second dose is designed to kick the immune system into high gear, basically telling it – “Warning, this is not a one-time attack! COVID-19 can come again!

This not only triggers the immune system to create more antibodies, it also activates your memory cells to “remember” SARS-COV-2 for faster recognition and antibody production in the future.

That is why it is important to complete both doses of a 2-dose vaccine, and continue to practice COVID-19 precautions until your body has enough time to build its defences.

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Fact #5 : You Can Get Infected After Vaccination

It is true that you can get infected with COVID-19 even after completing your vaccination. However, that is not because COVID-19 vaccines reduce your immunity.

These vaccine breakthrough infections are expected, because vaccines cannot guarantee complete protection.

Even the best COVID-19 vaccines – from Pfizer and Moderna – can only prevent 94%-95% of COVID-19 infections. That means 5% of those who are fully vaccinated using these vaccines will still get infected.

That does not mean vaccines are useless. The point is COVID-19 vaccines prevent severe disease and death, so even if you get infected after vaccination, it will turn out to be mild or asymptomatic.

Vaccine breakthrough infections can be greatly reduced once herd immunity is established. In the interim, you can protect yourself by continuing to wear face masks, maintain physical distancing, and keep your hands clean.

Fact #6 : Vaccine Will Not Give Your Immune System Superpowers

The claim that your immune system is boosted by 100 to 200 times is nonsensical.

The COVID-19 vaccine does not boost your immune system. It only teaches your immune system to identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so it can learn to produce the right antibodies before the real coronavirus attacks.

Because your body has never encountered the SARS-CoV-2 virus before, it has ZERO immunity against this novel coronavirus.

As any math teacher can tell you – you cannot divide by zero, therefore any comparison is nonsensical.

What happens after you are fully vaccinated is that your immune system has learned how to fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

It does not derive any superpower from the vaccine, it just knows how to make antibodies to attack the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


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