Fact Check : UK Report On COVID Vaccine Injuries?!

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Did the UK government issue a shocking report on COVID-19 vaccine injuries, with many cases of blindnessstroke, spontaneous abortion and death?

Take a look at the shocking UK Yellow Card report, and find out what the FACTS really are!

This fact check was earlier posted in February 2021, and was updated and reposted after the same fake news recirculated again on WhatsApp.


Claim : Shocking UK Report On COVID Vaccine Injuries!

The Daily Expose UK posted an article called “SHOCKING! – Official Data on Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines release“.

It was reposted by Principia Scientific International as “UK Government Releases Shocking Report On COVID Vaccine Side Effects“, with a PDF version circulating on social media, or this message :

LATEST NEWS > > *As of 24/1/2021, out of the 5.4 millions UK people taken first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, 107 people died. 5 people are now blind, 21 suffered a stroke, 4 women suffered a miscarriage.

According to Daily Expose UK, the UK government report revealed that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine caused these injuries or adverse reactions :

  • 5 cases of blindness
  • 31 cases of visual impairment
  • 21 cerebrovascular accidents (stroke)
  • 4 spontaneous abortions (miscarriages)
  • 59 deaths
  • 7 sudden deaths
  • 69 reports of Bell’s palsy

Daily Expose UK also found that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine was responsible for two spontaneous abortions.

Take a minute to let the shock and horror pass, before you read on and find out what the facts really are…

Shocking UK Report On COVID Vaccine Injuries?


UK Report On COVID Vaccine Injuries : The Facts

The Daily Expose UK and Principia Scientific are infamous for creating FAKE NEWS to generate page views and money.

The screenshots are indeed from a UK government report. However, the Daily Expose UK article intentionally misleads everyone on the TRUTH.

Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : It Was A Yellow Card Summary Report

The UK government report mentioned in the article was the weekly Yellow Card summary report (as of 27 January 2021).

As the name suggests, it is released on a weekly basis, and is otherwise not special in any sense.

Fact #2 : Anyone Can Report Anything On The Yellow Card Site

What the Daily Expose UK intentionally “neglected” to mention was that ANYONE from ANYWHERE can report ANYTHING on the Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site.

You can report that the COVID-19 vaccine caused you all kinds of injuries, from giving you AIDS or brain cancer to killing you outright.

Heck, you can create a Yellow Card report even if you are NOT living in the UK, and have NOT actually received the vaccine!

Here are screenshots of us reporting that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine caused a leg fracture, that resulted in an abnormality in an unborn child!

This is how absurd the Yellow Card reporting system really is. No different from the US VAERS system really.

Read more : Here’s How Antivaxxers Create Fake News Using VAERS!

Coronavirus Yellow Card COVID-19 vaccine injuries reporting example

Fact #3 : Yellow Card Reports Are NOT Evidence Of Side Effects

Daily Expose UK also intentionally “neglected” to mention that Yellow Card reports are NOT evidence of actual adverse reactions.

The UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) which operates the Yellow Card programme stated very clearly that (with our emphasis) :

It is very important to note that a Yellow Card report does not necessarily mean the vaccine caused that reaction or event.

We ask for any suspicions to be reported, even if the reporter isn’t sure if it was caused by the vaccine. Reports to the scheme are known as suspected adverse reactions (ADRs).

Many suspected ADRs reported on a Yellow Card do not have any relation to the vaccine or medicine and it is often coincidental that they both occurred around the same time.

It is therefore important that the suspected ADRs described in this report are not interpreted as being proven side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

Fact #4 : Known Side Effects Are Mild / Inconsequential

Daily Expose UK also intentionally “failed to expose” the fact that the side effects of both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are mild and/or inconsequential.

Thanks to large trials involving over 100,000 people, scientists have determined that the side effects of the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines for COVID-19 are mild and/or inconsequential.

Shocking UK Report On COVID Vaccine Injuries?

The UK MHRA classified the known side effects into how commonly they occur, as follows :

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

  • Very Common : pain at injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, fever
  • Common : injection site swelling, redness at injection site, nausea
  • Uncommon : enlarged lymph nodes, feeling unwell
  • Rare : temporary one-sided facial drooping (Bell’s palsy)
  • Very Rare : severe allergic reaction

AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

  • Very Common : tenderness, pain, warmth, redness, itching, swelling or bruising at injection site, generally felling unwell, feeling tired, chills, headache, nausea, joint pain or muscle ache
  • Common : a lump at injection site, fever, vomiting, flu-like symptoms
  • Uncommon : feeling dizzy, decreased appetite, abdominal pain, enlarged lymph nodes, sweating, itchy skin / rash

Fact #5 : COVID-19 Has Killed Over 2.4 Million People… So Far

Daily Expose and Principia Scientific are fretting over a hundred of so “reported deaths” in the UK Yellow Card database, that have NOT been proven to be caused by the vaccine.

We should point out that as of 26 November 2021, COVID-19 has killed :

  • Over 5.18 million people worldwide
  • Over 144,000 people in the UK

Those are real people who died from COVID-19. Real people with families who have to live with the loss.

Workers wearing protective gear bury bodies in a trench on Hart Island in New York City on April 9.

On the other hand, the COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to be safe and efficacious. They will prevent millions of people from unnecessarily dying from what is now a preventable disease.

Daily Expose UK and Principia Scientific, suicide is meant to be a SOLITARY hobby. It’s one thing to risk your own lives. Just don’t lure others to commit suicide with you!

Principia Scientific WhatsApp message


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