Did COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Rise In Excess Deaths?!

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Did new research show that the COVID-19 vaccines are partly to blame for the rise in excess deaths?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : COVID-19 Vaccines Caused Rise In Excess Deaths!

Some people and/or websites are claiming or suggesting that new research from The Netherlands show that the COVID-19 vaccines are partly to blame for the rise in excess deaths!

New York Post : COVID vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths since pandemic: study

COVID vaccines could be partly to blame for a rise in “unprecedented” excess deaths in the US and other Western countries in the three years since the pandemic took hold, a new study suggests.

Analyzing mortality data from 47 Western countries, scientists from the Netherlands’ Vrije Universiteit found that excess mortality has “remained high” since 2020 — despite the widespread rollout of COVID vaccines and various containment measures.

The researchers said the trend “raised serious concerns” as they urged government leaders and policymakers to “thoroughly investigate the underlying causes of persistent excess mortality,” according to the study published in BMJ Public Health.

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Did COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Rise In Excess Deaths?!


Truth : COVID-19 Vaccines Did Not Cause Rise In Excess Deaths!

This is yet another example of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines, and here are the reasons why, with some help from Stuart McDonald:

Fact #1 : BMJ Called It “Misreporting”

Let me start by pointing out that on 7 June 2024, BMJ Public Health publicly refuted news reports which claimed that the study showed that COVID-19 vaccines caused excess deaths, calling it “misreporting”.

You can read more about this in our separate article – BMJ Calls Out Misreporting By New York Post + Telegraph!

Suffice to say – BMJ Public Health clearly stated that those news outlets misreported what the study said, and that the study did not establish any causal link between COVID-19 vaccination and deaths.

Fact #2 : Princess Máxima Center Distanced Itself From Study

The controversial study, called “Excess mortality across countries in the Western World since the COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Our World in Data’ estimates of January 2020 to December 2022” was written by Saskia Mostert, Marcel Hoagland, Minke Huibers, and Gertjan Kasper’s – three of whom are from the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Ironically, the Princess Máxima Center quickly distanced itself from the study., and said that it would conduct an investigation. You can read more about this in our separate article – BMJ Calls Out Misreporting By New York Post + Telegraph!

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Fact #3 : Ariel Karlinsky Called For Study To Be Retracted

The Mostert et. al. study used data from The World Mortality Dataset, which was created and maintained by Ariel Karlinsky and Dmitry Kobak.

Ariel Karlinsky spoke out publicly against the study, and even suggested that there was plagiarism! He also called for the BMJ to retract the study, and open an inquiry into how such a study could ever make it past its editors and reviewers.

Fact #4 : Study Did Not Include 2023 Data

Interestingly, the Mostert et. al. study used excess death data from January 2020 to December 2022, skipping the whole of 2023 for some reason.

If the researchers included the 2023 data, they would have seen a precipitous 79% drop in excess deaths in 2023, following a large drop in 2022. That would tie in quite nicely with the waning COVID-19 pandemic, as vaccination progressed globally.

Even if you don’t look at the data in detail, the trend would have suggested that the excess deaths were mostly caused by COVID-19, and not the vaccines.

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World Mortality Dataset Excess Deaths 2020 to 2023

Fact #5 : COVID-19 Drove Increase In Excess Deaths

The truth is – the data clearly shows that COVID-19 was driving the increase in excess deaths. As Stuart McDonald shows in these charts – officially-reported COVID-19 deaths (the black lines) almost perfectly lines up with excess deaths (the red lines).

The question of whether Covid drove global excess deaths in 2020-2022 is not a hard one to answer. Not now anyway! The same source the authors copied from contains good analysis. Black line is Covid deaths. Red line is excess deaths. You can see by eye how well these line up.

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Excess deaths by country vs COVID-19 deaths comparison 2020-2022

Fact #6 : Study Looked At Selected “Western” Countries

The Mostert et. al. study bizarrely used only data from selected “Western” countries, which the authors defined as:

“various countries in Europe and to countries in Australasia (Australia, New Zealand) and North America (the USA, Canada) that are based on European cultural heritage. The latter countries were once British colonies that acquired Christianity and the Latin alphabet and whose populations comprised numerous descendants from European colonists or migrants”

Why those “Western” countries, and not countries with high vaccination rates? After all, vaccination rates are not uniformly high across those 47 “Western” countries used in the study.

While countries like Malta, Germany, and Finland recorded over 70% vaccination rates by end of 2022, other “Western” countries like Moldova, Bulgaria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina had vaccination rates that were less than 40%!

Fact #7 : Countries With Higher Vaccination Had Lower Excess Deaths!

In fact, the data actually shows that countries with high vaccination rates (over 70%) had much lower excess deaths from 2020 to 2022!

With the exception of Lithuania, the top 10 countries with the highest excess deaths were those with low vaccination rates.

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Excess deaths vs COVID-19 vaccination comparison

Fact #8 : mRNA Vaccines Are Not Gene Therapy Products

While the Mostert et. al. study does not outright claim that COVID-19 vaccines cause excess deaths in those 47 “Western” countries, it does make the bizarre claim that French studies suggest that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are gene therapy products requiring long-term stringent adverse events monitoring.

Those “French studies” are not actual “scientific studies”, but appear to be opinion pieces. But more importantly – mRNA vaccines are clearly not gene therapy products!

mRNA vaccines do not change our genes. After all – the mRNA strands in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines do not enter the cell nucleus!

On the other hand, the COVID-19 coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2, integrate its genes with the our cell DNA, to hijack the cell and use it to produce copies of itself!

If you are truly worried about anything modifying your cell’s DNA, you should try to avoid viral infections like COVID-19.

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