COVID-19 Vaccine Programme For Kids : Details Announced!

The Malaysia Ministry of Health just announced details of the COVID-19 vaccine programme for kids 5 to 11 years in age.

Here is what you need to know!


COVID-19 Vaccine Programme For Kids : Details Announced!

On 20 January 2022, the Malaysia Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, announced details of PICKids – the COVID-19 vaccine programme for kids 5 to 11 years in age.

Special Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids To Be Used

A special Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for kids will be used to vaccinate children 5 to 11 years in age.

This paediatric dose comes in a new 10-dose vial with an orange cap, which will be diluted with 1.3 ml of water.

Each dose is smaller at only 0.2 ml, and contains only 10 micrograms (mcg) of the vaccine – 1/3 of the dose used in adults.

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Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Arrives End Of January 2022

According to the Health Minister, the first batch of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doses for kids will arrive in Malaysia on 31 January 2022.

COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Programme Starts In February 2022

The COVID-19 vaccine for kids programme (PICKids) will officially kick off on 3 February 2022 at the Tunku Azizah Hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

However, it will only start in earnest from 22 February 2022 onwards.

COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Not Mandatory

The COVID-19 vaccine for kids is not mandatory, just like how the vaccination programme for adults and adolescents are also not mandatory.

Parents Can Start Registering Their Kids

Parents can start registering their kids for the COVID-19 vaccine programme using the MySejahtera app.

Parents will be allowed to book appointments for their kids’ vaccinations starting 31 January 2022, with priority given to families living in the Klang Valley.

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90% Efficacious

Even though the paediatric dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is only ⅓ that of the adult dose, it was shown to be 90.7% efficacious in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infection.

Fewer Side Effects

The lower paediatric dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine naturally produced fewer side effects, with no severe side effects noted.

After almost 8.7 million doses of the paediatric vaccine were administered in the United States, the number of AEFI incidents were far lower than that of teenagers 12-17 years of age who were vaccinated with the full adult dose.

Longer Dose Interval

The Malaysia Ministry of Health will use a longer 8-week dose interval for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for kids.

This will increase the immune response and has the potential to increase the longevity of the vaccine’s protection, as well reduce the risk of vaccine myocarditis.

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You Should Sign Your Kids Up For COVID-19 Vaccine?

You may be wondering whether you should actually sign up your kids for the COVID-19 vaccine. After all, social media is rife with scary stories about vaccine side effects.

The truth is – all approved COVID-19 vaccines have not only been proven to be safe and effective in massive clinical trials, they have also been proven to be safe and effective after BILLIONS of doses were administered.

And why not? Vaccines are nothing more than self-defence classes for our immune system.

All they do is teach your children’s own immune system to identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and learn how to make antibodies against it so that they have a better chance of defending themselves against a real COVID-19 infection.

Over 8 million doses of the new Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for kids have also been successfully and safely administered in the United States. So yes, it is SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

People may tell you that kids do not get COVID-19, or they suffer only mild symptoms. That’s not really true.

In Malaysia, 579,624 children (less than 18 years old) were infected with COVID-19 in the last two years!

  • 269,773 (46.5%) of them were children 5 to 11 years in age.
  • 144 children (less than 18 years old) died from COVID-19.
  • 31 children 5 to 11 years in age died from COVID-19.

On top of that, children infected with COVID-19 are at risk of developing serious complications like Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) or long COVID.

So don’t believe naysayers when they tell you that your child will be safe from COVID-19. Not only have children died from COVID-19, others had to be hospitalised, and/or suffer from long COVID symptoms long after they recover.

Please remember – it’s YOUR CHILD, not theirs, that they are putting at risk with such misinformation.

Protect your children. Vaccinate them against COVID-19.


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