Is COVID-19 Vaccine Useless Against Delta Variant?

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Is the COVID-19 vaccine really useless against the Delta variant of COVID-19?

Let’s take a look at this new claim, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Claim : COVID-19 Vaccine Is Useless Against Delta Variant!

Captain Wong Ang Peng from the MAECC is at it again, crying wolf about the COVID-19 vaccines to promote ivermectin.

He managed to get The Malaysian Insight to post his letter, which has gone viral on WhatsApp after it was actively shared by ivermectin proponents and antivaxxers.

It is a very long letter, so just SKIP to the next section for the facts…

Delta variant demolishes vaccine claim of less severe Covid for inoculated

Wong Ang Peng

A flurry of new scientific information challenges the presumption of efficacy and demolishes the Covid-19 vaccines’ claims that they are a guard against severe infection.

THE Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is now a serious global concern. The spate of scientific reports on Delta variant surfacing over the last few weeks showing those fully vaccinated against Covid-19 are no better off, or even disadvantaged, is cause for policymakers to rethink.

This flurry of new scientific information challenges the presumption of efficacy and demolishes the vaccines’ claims that they are a guard against severe infection.


Truth : COVID-19 Vaccine Protects Against Delta Variant!

Captain Wong Ang Peng is part of MAECC – a pseudoscientific group that is actively promoting ivermectin as an alternative to COVID-19 vaccines.

Let’s go through his claims, and find out what the FACTS really are…

Fact #1 : KKM Did Not Randomly Sequence COVID-19 Samples

Captain Wong Ang Peng claimed that the Malaysia Health Ministry (KKM) randomly sequenced 265 COVID-19 samples – all of which turned out to be of the Delta variant.

That’s not true.

First of all, the samples were not randomly selected, they were selected as suspected variants to be confirmed through genome sequencing.

Secondly, the research was not conducted by KKM itself but the Institute of Medical Research (IMR), the UITM Integrative Pharmacogenomimcs Institute (iPROMISE), and the UNIMAS Institute of Health and Community Medicine.

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Fact Check : COVID-19 Vaccines Useless Against Delta Variant?

Fact #2 : New COVID-19 Cases Are NOT Necessarily Of Delta Variant

It is very misleading and wrong for him to claim that the 265 samples were randomly selected, because it suggests that all new COVID-19 cases are of the Delta variant.

That is simply NOT true.

Very little genomic testing is being conducted in Malaysia – just over 1,200 cases, which is less than 0.065% of all detected cases.

There is simply not enough data to draw any strong conclusion, much less suggest that all new COVID-19 cases are of the Delta variant.

VOC VOI COVID-19 Malaysia 2021-09-01

Fact #3 : Percentage Of Breakthrough Infections Is Misleading

The use of percentage to judge the effectiveness of a vaccine is misleading, because :

  • in a population with 0% vaccination, there will be ZERO breakthrough infections – does that mean that the vaccine is 100% efficacious?
  • in a population with 100% vaccination, there can only be breakthrough infections – does that mean that the vaccine is 100% useless?

As the vaccination rate increases, the percentage of breakthrough cases versus infections of the unvaccinated will undoubtedly increase.

However, the number of hospitalisations and deaths will drop, and over time, so will the number of new cases.

Fact #4 : Vaccines Protect Against Hospitalisation + Death

COVID-19 vaccines vary in efficacy from just 50% to 95%, which means there will ALWAYS be some breakthrough infections.

There will be more breakthrough case with less efficacious vaccines, and fewer breakthrough cases with more efficacious vaccines, but they ALL offer excellent protection against severe COVID-19 and death!

People who are fully-vaccinated can get infected, but will either be asymptomatic or suffer only a mild disease.

Even so, you are strongly advised to maintain COVID-19 precautions, at least until herd immunity is achieved.

COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Against
Pfizer Comirnaty 95.0% 100% 100%
Gamaleya Sputnik V 91.6% 100% 100%
Moderna mRNA-1273 94.1% 100% 100%
AstraZeneca AZD1222 62% ~ 90% 100% 100%
Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV 79% ~ 86% 90% 100%
Sinovac Biotech 50.65% 83.7% 100%
J&J Janssen COVID-19 66.0% 85% 100%
CanSino Biologics 65.7% 90.98% 100%

Fact #5 : Vaccines Still Protect Against Delta Variant

It has been known since June 2021 that the Delta variant causes more breakthrough infections.

However, it is false and misleading to claim that the breakthrough infection rates are rising because the COVID-19 vaccine does not work against the Delta variant.

Take a look at the table below, which I compiled of the latest 7 days with full data from KKM. It shows that even with just under 50% of the adult population in Malaysia fully-vaccinated :

  • less than 28% of all new cases were fully vaccinated.
  • less than 25% of new cases requiring hospitalisation were fully vaccinated
  • just over 20% of new cases had severe COVID-19 requiring an ICU bed were fully vaccinated

What this means is unvaccinated people are 3X more likely to require hospitalisation, and 4X more likely to develop severe COVID-19.

This shows that the COVID-19 vaccine you received still offers great protection against moderate and severe disease, even with the Delta variant.

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Date Fully
29/8 44.5% 23.9% 23.4% 14.6%
30/8 45.9% 23.9% 21.5% 18.9%
31/8 47.2% 26.4% 21.4% 32.8%
1/9 48.7% 28.9% 19.4% 18.8%
2/9 50.2% 29.2% 30.4% 13.5%
3/9 51.6% 30.4% 26.8% 25.1%
4/9 53.0% 32.1% 29.9% 18.3%
Average 48.7% 27.8% 24.7% 20.3%

* Data taken from 15 days prior : 14 days for full efficacy + 1 day to account for discrepancy in reporting time

Fact #6 : Delta Variant Not Caused By “Vaccine Escape”

Captain Ang falsely claimed that the Delta variant was caused by “vaccine escape” – the virus mutated to evade the vaccine, like antibiotic resistance – an idea propagated by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche.

When it comes to the Delta variant, that would be IMPOSSIBLE because it was detected in India in October 2020 –  months before the first COVID-19 vaccinations started!

Fact #7 : Natural Immunity Is Risky

It is true that getting infected by COVID-19 imparts strong natural immunity for at least 6-8 months. However, there are a few caveats :

  • not everyone develops natural immunity – 1% to 10% will not develop neutralising antibodies.
  • its protection is not guaranteed – 10% to 20% can get reinfected within 7 months
  • immunity is greatly reduced in the elderly – up to 50% of people over 65 years in age can be reinfected.

There is also that pesky problem with natural immunity – you have to get infected with COVID-19, which has an average mortality risk of 2.2% – 22 people out of every thousand infected people will die.

Recommending that people develop natural immunity is as asinine as asking people NOT to wear seatbelts so that they will develop stronger bones after fracturing them in car accidents… if they survive them!

COVID-19 ventilator

Fact #8 : Attenuated Virus Protein Vaccine Does Not Exist

In order not to appear as an antivaxxer, Captain Ang proffered a red herring – he’s in favour of the attenuated virus protein vaccine.

Only trouble is – there is NO SUCH THING as an attenuated virus protein vaccine!

He probably mixed it up with the live attenuated virus vaccine, which is a vaccine that uses a weakened virus (not a protein) to trigger immunity.

While such a live attenuated virus vaccine can elicit a strong immune response, it cannot be used in people with compromised immune system because it can trigger the very disease it seeks to protect you from

In any case, there is no approved live attenuated virus vaccine for COVID-19, so he was basically suggesting that none of the current COVID-19 vaccines are good, and that is simply FALSE.

All approved COVID-19 vaccines have been proven through clinical trials to be safe and effective.


Fact #9 : Ivermectin Has Not Been Proven To Work Against COVID-19

Ivermectin has been shown to work against COVID-19 in vitro studies (labs studies), but does NOT improve clinical outcomes or prevent transmission.

That is why the WHO and practically the vast majority of health authorities around the world do NOT advocate using ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19.

In fact, the FLCCC cheerleader himself – Dr. Pierre Kory – was INFECTED WITH COVID-19 despite taking ivermectin as prophylaxis!

Dr. Kory also admitted that ivermectin is failing to prevent infections from “new variants”, and that the FLCCC Alliance members are “demoralized and frightened“.

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