How To Vaccinate On Same Day As Spouse / Dependent!

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Did you know that you can ask to vaccinate against COVID-19 on the same day as your spouse or dependents?

Find out how to do that, and what are the pros and cons!


How To Vaccinate On Same Day As Spouse / Dependent!

Now that Phase 2 of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Malaysia has kicked off, people are wondering – what if people in the same family get different appointment dates?

If that actually happens, you have two options :

  • you can choose to go separately, or
  • you can ask for COVID-19 vaccination on the same day as your spouse / dependent

If you prefer to go for your COVID-19 vaccination on the same day as your spouse, you can call the JKJAV hotline 1800-888-828 to make that request.

This was confirmed by National Immunisation Programme Coordinating Minister Khairy Jamaluddin on 19 April 2021, and JKJAV on 20 April 2021.

In addition, two of our readers – Alvin Lee and Danial Meor – both confirmed with JKJAV that you can call them up to arrange for joint appointments as soon as one person receives an appointment.

How To Vaccinate On Same Day As Spouse / Dependent!


Should You Vaccinate On Same / Different Day As Spouse / Dependent?

Most spouses would definitely prefer to receive their COVID-19 vaccination on the same day, especially if they are senior citizens.

Even if their children are returning home to help them, it would be more convenient to send both parents to the COVID-19 vaccination centre at the same time, than two separate days.

However, some may choose to go separately for these reasons :

  1. One of them has to take care of their children (who currently cannot be vaccinated) at home.
  2. They are worried that post-vaccination side effects may prevent them from taking care of each other or their children.
  3. Work commitments or other scheduling issues.
  4. Their dependents are in a different state.
  5. Their dependents have a much earlier vaccination date – senior citizens or vulnerable adults with co-morbidities.

Whatever decisions you make, the most important thing is that you vaccinate yourself as quickly as possible.

The earlier you vaccinate, the earlier you can protect yourself and your family against COVID-19!

How To Vaccinate On Same Day As Spouse / Dependent!


Register For Your COVID-19 Vaccination Today!

If you have not already done so, please register for your FREE COVID-19 vaccination through :

  1. The MySejahtera app – a future update will introduce a button to register for an appointment.
  2. The Vaksin COVID website.
  3. The telephone hotline : 1800-888-828
  4. Manually at health clinics, hospitals and private clinics
  5. House-to-house registration at targeted rural areas for senior citizens.

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