Fact Check : Can You Get COVID-19 From Sinovac Vaccine?

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Can you get COVID-19 from the Sinovac vaccine, or people vaccinated with it?

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Claim : You Can Get COVID-19 From Sinovac Vaccine

The belief that you can get COVID-19 from the Sinovac vaccine is being propagated by Dr. Kenny Yong, who practises “holistic medicine”.

He went viral recently after claiming to have gained insight on treating COVID-19, after surviving COVID-19 (and meeting God).

In his viral voice message, he claimed that his mother was infected by COVID-19 from the Sinovac vaccine, and she infected his entire family :

My mom go for a vax in Sinovac, and the Sinovac is a heat-killed virus, and I think it came alive. Resurrected, you see, so you end up getting a live vaccine.

Two weeks after the first dose of the Sinovac, my mom get infected, and my whole family get infected.

My whole family didn’t do wrong, but one person going and do vax, and after that, within 2 weeks, the vaccine came alive.

It’s a half-boiled egg, not a full-cooked egg. And the virus came alive!

His views are now being parroted and promoted by antivaxxers on social media. Here is one example :

Fact Check : Can You Get COVID-19 From Sinovac Vaccine?


Truth : You Cannot Get COVID-19 From Sinovac Vaccine

The truth is Dr. Kenny Yong is not only mistaken, he has demonstrably lied about the Sinovac vaccine, and here are the FACTS…

Fact #1 : CoronaVac Is An Inactivated Virus Vaccine

The CoronaVac vaccine by Sinovac is an inactivated virus vaccine, also known as a killed virus vaccine.

This vaccine is made from real SARS-CoV-2 viruses that have been inactivated or “killed”, after being harvested from Vero cells.

Fact #2 : Inactivated Virus Vaccine Cannot Come Alive

Dr. Kenny Yong himself said that the viruses in the Sinovac vaccine were killed, but claims that they were “resurrected”.

Laypersons, like David S R Sr above, could have confused the inactivated virus vaccine with the attenuated live virus vaccine, which uses weakened viruses that are still alive.

But a doctor like Dr. Kenny Yong should know better. Claiming that dead viruses can resurrect themselves is not only false, but professionally negligent.

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Fact Check : Can You Get COVID-19 From Sinovac Vaccine?

Fact #3 : Sinovac Vaccine Is Not Heat-Killed

The Sinovac CoronaVac vaccine is not heat-killed, as alleged by Dr. Kenny Yong.

Rather, the viruses were inactivated or “killed” using beta-Propiolactone (βPropiolactone), a highly-volatile chemical that reacts with the virus RNA and proteins.

The reaction modifies the SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA and proteins, essentially scrambling their brains and stabbing them in their bodies.

This renders the viruses completely DEAD, while maintaining their body structures intact enough for our immune system to recognise.

They are not half-boiled eggs as Dr. Kenny Yong alleges, but viruses that have been “gassed” with a chemical weapon, so to speak.

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Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccine method

Fact #4 : Vaccinated People Do Not Shed Viruses

Dr. Kenny Yong claimed that his entire family was infected by his mother, after she was infected by COVID-19 from her Sinovac vaccine. That’s completely false.

Laypersons like David SR Sr above may not understand how vaccines work, but as a doctor, Dr. Yong should know that inactivated vaccines do not replicate.

You won’t get infected by COVID-19 from people who have been vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine, because…

People vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine do NOT shed viruses!

This is not a matter of opinion, it’s a scientific reality.

Fact #5 : CoronaVac Does Not Contain Preservatives

Antivaxxers like David S R Sr like to scare people about preservatives and “unfiltered ingredients” in vaccines.

The truth is the Sinovac CoronaVac vaccine does NOT contain any preservative. That’s why it has to be kept cool at a storage temperature of between 2-8°C!

That is easily confirmed with a simple Google search, so those who tell you this are outright lying to you.

1.28 Million Sinovac Vaccine Doses Ready For Distribution!

I hope that you now understand that it is physically and medically impossible to get COVID-19 from the Sinovac vaccine, or people vaccinated with this vaccine.

Please do not listen to Dr. Kenny Yong, as he has demonstrably been proven to be peddling falsehoods about COVID-19.

Protect yourself and your family with REAL FACTS, and get vaccinated against COVID-19!

And please share this fact check with your family and friends, so they won’t get fooled by such fake news!


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