Klang Valley Clinics + Hospitals With FREE COVID-19 Vaccine

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The FREE COVID-19 vaccine is now available at public and private clinics and hospitals for those who are still unvaccinated, or have missed their second dose.

Here is the full list of Klang Valley clinics and hospitals offering the FREE COVID-19 vaccine!


Free COVID-19 Vaccine At Klang Valley Clinics + Hospitals!

The government started shutting down all of the mega COVID-19 vaccination centres after Operation Surge Capacity ended.

Starting 1 October 2021, the government started offering the free COVID-19 vaccine through public clinics (Klinik Kesihatan) in the Klang Valley. This applies to both citizens and foreigners.

Then on 11 October 2021, the government also started offering the free COVID-19 vaccine through 98 private clinics and hospitals in the Klang Valley.

Anyone who has NOT received their first dose, or missed their second dose, can CONTACT these public or private clinics and hospitals in the Klang Valley for the free COVID-19 vaccine.

Please note that walk-in is NOT allowed. You must CONTACT them for an appointment.

Klang Valley Clinics + Hospitals With FREE COVID-19 Vaccine


Public Clinics With Free COVID-19 Vaccine In Klang Valley

Kuala Lumpur

Open : Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM

Klinik Kesihatan (KK)Email AddressTel. Number
KK Kuala Lumpur[email protected]011-12311904
KK Setapak[email protected]03-41425429
KK Kampung Pandan[email protected]017-5558108
KK Datu Keramat[email protected]014-3227543
KK Jinjang[email protected]06-62583355
KK Sentul[email protected]03-62500594
KK Batu Muda[email protected]03-62415322
KK Tanglin[email protected]03-26983311
KK Muhibbah[email protected]03-77726040
KK Bandar Tun Razak[email protected]03-91713333
KK Cheras[email protected]03-91333322
KK Sungai Besi[email protected]03-90549911
KK Cheras Baru[email protected]03-91333322


Open : Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM

Klinik Kesihatan (KK)Email AddressTel. Number
KK Putrajaya[email protected]013-8880938


Open : Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM

District Health Office (PKD)Email AddressTel. Number
Petaling PKD[email protected]03-78840400
Kuala Langat PKD[email protected]019-3286275
Gombak PKD[email protected]03-60913814
Kuala Selangor PKD[email protected]03-32812309
Klang PKD[email protected]019-6466658
Hulu Selangor PKD[email protected]03-60642078
Hulu Langat PKD[email protected]03-87397909
Sepang PKD[email protected]03-87066001
Sabak Bernam PKD[email protected]019-3656570


Private Clinics + Hospitals With Free COVID-19 Vaccine In Klang Valley


Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Klinik Sp Care Selayang[email protected]group.com03-61371143
Klinic Mohanan[email protected]03-60911414
Klinik Sulaiman Talib[email protected]03-61895032
Poliklinik Zain Azrai[email protected]017-7711840
Klinik Tan & Mano[email protected]03-41614013
Klinik Shanti[email protected]03-62744025
Klinik As-Salam[email protected]012-9400969
Klinik Sp Care Rawang[email protected]03-60917753
Gombak Medicare Clinic[email protected]03-61818-1198
Klinik Media Ihsan[email protected]017-5242730
Klinik Idzham[email protected]019-3320034
Klinik Jaya (Gombak)[email protected]03-41077684
KPJ Rawang Hospital[email protected]03-60998999
ext. 8838/8839
Kohilal Medical Centre[email protected]03-41068466

Hulu Langat

Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Klinik Union[email protected]03-42703268
Klinik Idzham Taman Kosas[email protected]016-2110583
Klinik As-Salam[email protected]012-4140969
Poliklinik Wirabakti[email protected]03-89255525
Klinik Impian Medik[email protected]03-89266677
Poliklinik Perdana[email protected]03-90813176
Klinik Kita[email protected]03-87406824
Poliklinik Muc[email protected]012-3981072
Poliklinik Kumpulan City[email protected]017-6323382
Poliklinik Dr. Azhar[email protected]03-90105406
Poliklinik Indren[email protected]03-42705825
Klinik Idzham Pandan Indah[email protected]016-2110576
Poliklinik Anand[email protected]03-92870507
UNI Klinik[email protected]011-59192410
Kajang Sentral Medical Centre[email protected]019-3320678
Hospital Islam Az-Zahrah[email protected]03-89212525
An-Nur Specialist Hospital[email protected]03-89235500
Sungai Long Specialist Hospital[email protected]011-16082588

Hulu Selangor

Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Klinik Wong Singh[email protected]03-60283028
Klinik Ng & Singh[email protected]03-60282939
Klinik Sp Care Serendah[email protected]03-60812290


Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Klinik Crosmed[email protected]il.com011-10591070
Klinik Mediviron Bandar Puteri Klang[email protected]03-51628321
Klinik Keluarga Siva Lim[email protected]03-38847926
Poliklinik Vista Pelangi Avenue[email protected]011-11463100
Poliklinik Omega-Care[email protected]03-31657513
Klinik Sella[email protected]03-3885-2398
BP Specialist Center Klang[email protected]03-33239169
Manipal Hospital Klang[email protected]03-38843684

Kuala Langat

Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Poliklinik MAHSA @ SPC[email protected]010-8803362
Klink Mediviron Banting[email protected]03-31871029
Klinik Ng Sree[email protected]019-2275761
Klinik Fuziah[email protected]03-31494784
Qualitas Health Clinic[email protected]03-55254365
Poliklinik Al-Haramain[email protected]03-31913239
Klinik Aurora Kuala Langat[email protected]010-2336855
Poliklinik Shaik[email protected]019-6085981
Klinik Siti Banting[email protected]019-3084256

Kuala Selangor

Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Klinik Ng & Singh[email protected]03-32791845
Klinik Mediviron Tanjung Karang[email protected]03-32698332
Klinik Siti Seri Pristana[email protected]019-3084256


Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Klinik Hope & Care[email protected]03-80623926
Klink Menara[email protected]03-78439101
Klinik Medipulse Rahman Putra[email protected]03-61436292
Klinik Rakan Medik[email protected]03-78035688
Klinik Sp Care Kota Damansara[email protected]03-61446054
Klinik Medikita[email protected]03-55255111
Klinik Central Petaling Jaya[email protected]016-6186736
Klinik Idzham Damansara Damai[email protected]016-2236097
Dr Leela Ratos & Friends[email protected]03-74991113
Ting Children Specialist Clinic[email protected]03-58820288
Poliklinik Vijay[email protected]03-58890039
Klinik Selva Taman Kinrara[email protected]03-80704584
Klinik Keluarga Equine[email protected]03-89409621
Klinik Iman[email protected]019-2612030
Klinik Hanan Klang[email protected]03-33624160
Poliklinik Dr Azhar Shah Alam[email protected]03-78311230
TGGD Medical Clinic[email protected]03-58869999
BP Specialist Centre Glenmarie[email protected]03-55699996
BP Specialist Centre Megah[email protected]03-78030992
Ara Damansara Medical Centre[email protected]03-78399230
Subang Jaya Medical Centre[email protected]03-56391389
Klinik Siti Subang Perdana[email protected]019-3084256

Sabak Bernam

Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Klinik Mediviron Sekinchan[email protected]017-594706
Klinik Anda Sungai Besar[email protected]013-3752334
Poliklinik Gunwant[email protected]03-32244067


Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Orion Clinic[email protected]03-88008934
Qualitas Sv Care Clinic[email protected]017-2761386
Klinik Al Raffah Nur[email protected]012-4361712
Poliklinik Media Ihsan[email protected]014-3348385
Menara Medical Clinic[email protected]03-87765909
Klinik Masya[email protected]03-87060544
Klinik Velayutham[email protected]010-2975925
Klinik Lingam Dengkil[email protected]017-6450705

Kuala Lumpur

Private FacilityEmail AddressTel. Number
Poliklinik Gomez[email protected]010-3424917
Klinik Gravidities[email protected]03-41444265
Klinik Azurose[email protected]011-62530334
Klinik Mediviron Dr Halim[email protected]03-8888804
Klinik Medi Pesona[email protected]03-22881439
Klinik Familycare[email protected]019-3565767
Megaklinik Zahran Putrajaya[email protected]011-54147017
Klinik Famili BTS[email protected]011-54147017
Klinik Mediviron Setapak[email protected]011-12639882
Klinik Prima[email protected]03-62509760


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