CITF : Walk-In Vaccination Details To Be Announced LATER!

CITF just issued a statement stating that the walk-in vaccination details will be announced LATER.

Here is what you need to know!


Fake News : You Can Walk In For Vaccination From 1 August Onwards!

There are at least three viral messages circulating on WhatsApp, claiming that you can walk in and get vaccinated at any vaccination centre (PPV) from 1 August 2021 onwards.

I fact-checked that in my article – Walk-In Vaccination In Malaysia From 1 August Onwards? earlier, so we know they are fake news.


CITF : Walk-In Vaccination Details To Be Announced LATER!

Unfortunately, many people refused to believe those messages are false, and continued to share the fake news.

This is partly because of this 8TV video of National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme coordinating minister, Khairy Jamaluddin.

So on 19 July 2021, the Malaysia COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) issued a statement to clear the air. Here is a summary :

  1. The walk-in initiative is only for those who are left out and have not received their vaccine appointments by 1 August 2021.
  2. Individuals in KL and Selangor who have already registered will be given their appointments very soon.
  3. Individuals who have not registered are encouraged to registered as soon as possible.
  4. Details of this programme will be announced later, as not all vaccination centres (PPVs) will be involved.

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