You Can Now Get Booster Dose After Breakthrough Infection!

You can now get your booster dose right after you recover from a breakthrough infection!

Here is what you need to know…


You Can Now Get Booster Dose After Breakthrough Infection!

Due to the Omicron surge in Malaysia, the Ministry of Health announced on 19 March 2022, that you can get your booster dose immediately after you recover from a breakthrough infection!

There is no longer the need to wait for 90 days, to give other people priority to receive the booster dose. To qualify, you must :

  • be fully-vaccinated with a primary series COVID-19 vaccine,
  • have fully-recovered from your COVID-19 breakthrough infection
  • undergo consultation by a medical officer

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Should You Get Booster Dose After Breakthrough Infection?

Those who recover from a COVID-19 infection usually gain significant protection from further infections, but that protection isn’t foolproof or long-lasting.

  • 1%-10% of people infected with COVID-19 do NOT develop detectable neutralising antibodies.
  • Individuals with mild / asymptomatic infections tend to have lower antibody levels.
  • Some studies have shown that waning of antibody levels occurs within several months after infection.

Hence, it is strongly recommended that those who recover from COVID-19 should still get vaccinated, to ensure lasting protection.


Can Booster Dose Prevent Another COVID-19 Infection?

Vaccine breakthrough infections are inevitable – partly because no vaccine is perfect, and partly because vaccines rely on the immune system to work.

The vaccine does not actually protect you against the COVID-19. It merely mimics the SARS-CoV-2 virus, to help your body learn to fight the real virus.

  • In some people, the vaccine may not galvanise an adequate immune system response.
  • In other people, their immune systems may not had sufficient time to produce the necessary antibodies to fight off the infection.
  • Or they may be infected with a new variant that partly or completely bypasses the training offered by the vaccine.

That’s why booster doses are necessary, as protection wanes with time and new variants. They work like like refresher classes in college.

Every time you receive a booster dose, it reminds your immune system that the virus is a real threat. This kickstarts the production of antibodies, boosting your protection against COVID-19.

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