Blood Smear Video Proves Vaccinated Have Mutated?!

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Does a viral blood smear video prove that people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 have become irreversibly mutated?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Blood Smear Video Proves Vaccinated Have Mutated!

Anti-vaccine activists are sharing articles and links about a blood smear video which claims to prove that people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 have become irreversibly mutated!

Before It’s News : WTF? The Vaccinated Are Irreversibly Mutated?


The evidence is irrefutable, we should not continue to offer false expectations of healing, of detoxification from the inoculated components in people.

Only a CAREFUL medical evaluation can make an adequate diagnosis of the complications as they arise.

World Orders Review : A DROP OF BLOOD. THE VACCINATED ARE IRREVERSIBLE MUTATED? (Dr. Wilfred Stokes, Ricardo Delgado, LQC)

JDLM : Analysis of a drop of blood.
👉 Subject: Woman 81 years old – 4 doses M0DERNA
👉 “How many more of these structures or devices or whatever they might be could be circulating inside this woman?”

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Truth : Blood Smear Video Does Not Prove Vaccinated Have Mutated!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created or shared by anti-vaccine proponents, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : The Video Was Recorded By Dr. Wilfredo Stokes

First, let me just point out that the video was recorded by Dr. Wilfredo Stokes from Guatemala. Since Dr. Stokes does not appear to speak English, the video was translated by a lady, whose voice you hear in the video.

So in this article, I will refer to Dr. Wilfredo Stokes as the one making the comments, instead of his female translator.

Fact #2 : That Is Not A Human Cell

The articles or messages accompanying this viral claims that the mysterious object seen in the blood smear is proof that vaccinated people are irreversibly mutated.

Dr. Wilfredo Stokes, however, tells us that he does not know what it is. If he does not know what it is – how is that proof that vaccinated people have been mutated?!

From what I can determine, Dr. Stokes apparently believes that this is a man-made device of some sort, with an antenna.

What is certain though is that the object is not a human cell. Since that is not a human cell, it therefore does not show any mutation of any human cell.

To be clear – the video does not show a mutated human cell. Therefore, it is definitely not proof that vaccinated people have become mutated in any way.

Fact #3 : The Object Is Very Large

Before the object was shown, Dr. Wilfredo Stokes explained that the video shows a drop of blood taken from an 81 year-old lady who had earlier taken four doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine.

He claims that the object “camouflages itself” in clusters of red blood cells. He indirectly confirms that he believes that the object (he calls it a structure or device) is not human.

More importantly, the video shows the object appears to be hundreds of times larger than the red blood cells!

Obviously, there are no human cells that large. Yet again, he indirectly confirms that the object is not human, and therefore does not show any mutation.

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Video Shows Vaccinated Are Irreversibly Mutated?!

Fact #4 : He Appears To Have Only Found One Specimen

The video runs for over 6.5 minutes, and Dr. Wilfredo Stokes wondered how many more of these structures / devices are running in the lady’s body. Well, he appears to have only found that one specimen.

I’m curious – he surely drew more than one drop of blood from that lady. Surely, he could have easily taken a look at more drops of blood from that lady. Or other people vaccinated with the Moderna (or other) vaccine.

If his suspicions are correct and that vaccinated people all have these devices hiding in their blood and bodies, then well, anyone can actually detect these devices using nothing more than a microscope!

As Dr. Wilfredo Stokes pointed out in the beginning of his video, he did not even need to use a stain. This kind of microscopic investigation can be easily carried out in any school lab, or even at the home.

So why didn’t he show us many more examples of this mysterious structure / device with legs / antennas, and whatnots?

Fact #5 : This Finding Has Not Been Peer-Reviewed

A quick check of Dr. Wilfredo Stokes led me to this quote, which suggests that he is a really accomplished scientist who has published numerous papers.

Hence, I find it odd that he would release the video as is, instead of submitting his incredible find to a medical journal for peer-review and publication. He could win the Nobel Prize, after all…

In the field of Medicine I represent us at the international level in Medina Congresses at the World, Latin America, Central America. Winner of the First Place for Best Scientific Research Work in Latin America of all medical specialties with a Social Impact Research in 2,007 San José Costa Rica. Winner The Best Award in Rheumatology as the sole author of the Best Research Work in the World’s Rheumatology Specialty, competing against the best universities in the world such as Harvard University United States, Hopkins Hospital, etc., and a Guatemalan only GANO, the most important prize in World Medicine, then follows a Nobel Prize. As Inventor has just Invented ESCANTH WS, it is a device to scan and analyze human antigravitational compensation (Posture) The device opens a new field of study in the field of preventive and healing medicine, currently in the process of patenting.

Until and unless his incredible find has at least been peer-reviewed (if not verified) by other scientists, it would be prudent to enjoy the video with a large pinch of salt.

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Fact #6 : Blood Smear Was Possibly Contaminated

Other people who looked at the video have pointed out that the blood smear in the video was likely contaminated. Some have suggested that it shows a Giardia parasite (Giardia duodenal / lamblia), but it could easily be part of an insect (like a dust mite).

Since Dr. Wilfredo Stokes appears to be the only one who has found such a device, it will be up to him to send the device for further analysis. Is it a parasite? An insect? A biomechanical robot made up of graphene and other evil materials?

Until and unless he confirms that the object or device he discovered in the blood smear is something nefarious, or at least more than just contamination, we will have to go with Occam’s Razor, and chalk this up to simple contamination.

I should point out that there has been no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines contain nano-bots, or parasites of any kind.

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