AstraZeneca 2.0 Over In 1 Hour! More Doses In July!

The AstraZeneca 2.0 vaccine registration was over in just over an hour after it was opened up to people below 60 years of age! But don’t worry… more AstraZeneca vaccine doses are coming in July!


AstraZeneca 2.0 Doses Snapped Up In 1 Hour!

The AstraZeneca 2.0 vaccine registration for people below 60 years of age got off on a rough start, with a 15 minute delay over technical issues.

When it reloaded with new links, some people were still loading the old links and got stuck because they keep getting the error message that the programme was for 60 years and older.

Others who loaded the new links immediately had trouble loading the location and time slots, leading to frustrated banging of keyboards and phone displays.

Even though people tried with multiple devices – smartphones, tablets and computers – many could not load the list of available slots.

Just over an hour after the AstraZeneca 2.0 vaccine registration programme started, JKJAV – the Special Committee  on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply – announced that all 1 million doses were taken up.

This was a far greater response than the first round, where only 268,800 doses were taken up in 3.5 hours.


AstraZeneca 2.0 Over, More Doses Coming In July!

Many people have since expressed great frustration and disappointment at not snagging one of the million doses in the AstraZeneca 2.0 programme.

But don’t worry. National Immunisation Programme Coordinating Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, just announced that 600,000 more AstraZeneca doses will arrive in Malaysia in July 2021.

So you can look forward to an AstraZeneca 3.0 vaccine registration programme in July!


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