Will Aphelion Phenomenon Create Cold Weather?!

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Will the Aphelion phenomenon create cold weather that can cause flu, cough and breathing difficulties?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Aphelion Phenomenon Will Create Dangerous Cold Weather!

A viral warning about the Aphelion phenomenon has gone viral in WhatsApp groups, as well as social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

It warns people that they will start experiencing dangerous cold weather that can cause flu, cough and breathing difficulties!

From tomorrow till August 22 this year, it will be colder than previous years. They call it Aphelion phenomenon.

Starting tomorrow at 05:27 we will experience the APHELION PHENOMENON where the Earth will be very far from the Sun. We cannot see the phenomenon, but we can feel its impact.

This will last until August 2022.

We will experience cold weather more than the previous cold weather, which will have an impact on flu, cough, shortness of breath, etc.

Therefore, let’s all increase immunity by drinking lots of vitamins or supplements so that our immunity is strong.

The distance from the Earth to the Sun is 5 light minutes or 90,000,000 km. The phenomenon of aphelion to 152,000,000 km. 66% further.

Will Aphelion Phenomenon Create Cold Weather?!

Here is another version in broken English… with Aphelion wrongly written as Albelian and Alphelion.

Strange Phenomenon

From tomorrow till August 22 the weather will be colder and colder than last year. This is called the Albelian phenomenon. It starts tomorrow morning at 5-27.

We will not only see but also experience the effects of the Alphelion Phenomenon. It will end in August 2022.

During this time we will experience cold weather like never before.. due to which.. our body aches and stuffy throat, Fever, cough and breathing problems occur. Therefore, it is better to strengthen your immune system with vitamins and other healthy food products.

The distance between Sun and Earth is 90,000,000 km. But during this Alphelion Phenomenon, the distance between the two will increase to 152,000,000 km. That is a 66% increase.

Please share this with family, friends and loved ones. STAY SAFE


Truth : Aphelion Phenomenon Will NOT Create Dangerous Cold Weather!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS circulating on WhatsApp and social media, and here are the reasons why!

Fact #1 : Aphelion + Perihelion Happens Every Year

First, let me just point out that aphelion and perihelion are annual events where the earth is furthest away (aphelion) from, and closest (perihelion) to the sun.

In 2022 and 2023, earth will be closest to the sun (perihelion) in January, but move to its furthest point in July (aphelion).

This aphelion / perihelion phenomenon happens because the earth’s orbit around the sun isn’t perfectly circular. Instead, it is a slightly elongated ellipse.

Will Aphelion Phenomenon Create Cold Weather?!

Fact #2 : Aphelion-Perihelion Difference Only 3.3%

The viral messages wrongly claim that the distance between Sun and Earth is 90 million kilometres. It is actually about 149 million kilometres on average.

That means there is only a 5 million km / 3 million mile difference between the aphelion (furthest point) and the perihelion (closest point) of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

That is a minuscule 3.3% to 3.4% difference between the perihelion and the aphelion. Not 66% as claimed by the fake story.

Fact #3 : Solar Constant Changes Only 3.5%

The amount of the Sun’s energy that the Earth receives is called the solar constant, and is about 1367 watts per square meter.

This solar constant only varies by 3.5% between the perihelion (closest point) and the aphelion (furthest point) of the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

Such a small difference in the Sun’s energy received by the Earth cannot significantly change weather or the local temperature.

Just look at the difference in the sun’s size between aphelion (furthest point) and perihelion (closest point). You can barely tell the difference!

Will Aphelion Phenomenon Create Cold Weather?!

Fact #4 : It Takes Over 8 Minutes For Sunlight To Reach Earth

The viral messages falsely claim that sunlight takes just 5 minutes to reach Earth.

The average distance between the Sun and Earth is 149 million kilometres, and the speed of light is 299,792 km per second.

If you do the math, you will see that sunlight takes about 497 seconds to reach Earth. That’s about 8 minutes and 28 seconds.

Fact #5 : Cold Weather Cannot Cause Disease

While cold or hot weather can exacerbate medical conditions, they cannot cause diseases like flu, which is a viral infection.

Symptoms like fever, cough and stuffy throats suggest viral or bacterial infections, which are not caused by changes in the weather.

Flu infections increase during cold weather because the flu viruses survive better in cold air, and the low humidity helps the virus particles remain in the air.

Flu infections are also more common during cold weather because people stay indoors more often, allowing easier spread of the virus from one person to another.

Read more : Can You Take Flu + COVID-19 Vaccines At The Same Time?

Influenza Virus

Fact #6 : Supplements Cannot Prevent Diseases

Vitamins and other supplements cannot prevent viral or bacterial infections. They are not vaccines. They are supplements.

Supplements also only help if you lack the nutrients they supply in your diet. If you have a good diet, you don’t need supplements.

Fact #7 : Taking Supplements Can Be Bad / Dangerous

There are limits to which your body can absorb nutrients. Excess nutrients from supplements will just end up excreted in your urine or stool.

More worryingly, taking some supplements in excess will block the absorption of other nutrients. Or worse – they can build up in your body and become toxic.

So never take supplements in excess. They are meant to supplement a poor diet. They will not turbocharge a good one.


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