23 Post-Vaccination Deaths In Norway : The Facts + The BS!

Everyone’s talking about the 23 deaths in Norway that happened after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Find out what’s going on, and what the FACTS really are!

Slightly updated, and reposted on 2021-01-18 because it is CRITICAL to correct the alarmist articles the media continues to put out.

Originally posted @ 2021-01-17


OMG : 23 Post-Vaccination Deaths In Norway!!!

I have been besieged by questions about the 23 post-vaccination deaths in Norway, and many posts on WhatsApp groups and Facebook.

I had people asking me whether this means the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is dangerous. I had doctor friends complaining to me about the articles.

Looking at the titles of these articles, I can only shake my head. Here is a selection…

23 die in Norway after receiving Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

Norway warns of Covid-19 vaccine risk after 23 die

COVID-19 vaccination: 23 elderly people dead after Pfizer shot in Norway

Norway: 23 seniors die soon after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Shun Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vax after Norway deaths

Norway: 23 Dead after Receiving Pfizer, BioNTech Vaccine

The media has, by large, failed to do their duty and tell the facts straight.

Instead, they played it up for the page views, which I’m sure will be pretty impressive. Nothing sells like death and tragedy, I’m sure.


The 23 Post-Vaccination Deaths In Norway : The Facts

Let me summarise the key takeaway points about the 23 post-vaccination deaths in Norway. This is what the news media should have reported.

  1. The Norwegians believe that the mild side effects of COVID-19 vaccines (pain at injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain and fever) may be too much for the very old and the terminally ill to withstand.
  2. The deaths have NOT been attributed to any vaccine, and are still being investigated.
  3. They issued this advisory because they are vaccinating much older patients than the average participant in the vaccine trials.
  4. They are suggesting that the benefits of the vaccine may be negligible or irrelevant for the very old and the terminally ill, and therefore, not worth the risk of even mild side effects.
  5. Severe allergic reactions are extremely uncommon – only about 11 cases in every million shots administered.

We should also point out that the Norwegian Medicines Agency is NOT alarmed by the deaths, and are asking their doctors to CONTINUE vaccinating people.


Why The Media Is Exaggerating The 23 Post-Vaccination Deaths In Norway

Now, let me share with you all WHY I think the media should be ASHAMED of exaggerating the report out of Norway about 23 post-vaccination deaths.

But first, let me be clear – we should never scoff at any death. Every life is precious. All the more reason not to abuse these deaths for page views.

Reason #1 : The Titles Were Intentionally Made To Be Alarming

If I’m not mistaken, the news originated from this Bloomberg article by Lars Erik Taraldsen and Naomi Kresge.

The Bloomberg article title was very specific – Norway Warns of Vaccination Risks for Sick Patients Over 80.

That headline tells even those who are too lazy to read the article – probably 99% of the world – that the vaccination risks are for SICK PATIENTS OVER 80 years of age.

It did not say that 23 people died from the Pfizer vaccine, or left their frail conditions ambiguous.

Yet the other media decided NOT to bother with context, and decided to grab our eyeballs with alarming headlines. Shock and awe FTW!

Reason #2 : Norway Did Not Blame The Pfizer Vaccine

The very first sentence of the article said, “Norway said Covid-19 vaccines may be too risky for the very old and terminally ill“.

Norway did not state which Covid-19 vaccine was involved with those deaths. Neither did the Bloomberg report say that the 23 deaths were all related to the Pfizer vaccine.

That’s because Norway is currently using TWO (2) COVID-19 vaccines – the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

In fact, the Bloomberg article itself noted, “The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine approved late last year has been used most broadly, with a similar shot from Moderna Inc. approved earlier this month also now being administered.

So why did so many news media report that it was the Pfizer vaccine at fault???

Reason #3 : The Deaths Were NOT Linked To Any Vaccine

The Bloomberg article did not state that the deaths were linked to any vaccine. In fact, it stated that the deaths are still being investigated.

Steinar Madsen, the medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA) also told The BMJ that,

It may be a coincidence, but we aren’t sure. There is no certain connection between those deaths and the vaccine.

Reason #4 : Norway Was Referring To VERY OLD And TERMINALLY ILL People

According to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, 23 people died a short time after receiving their first dose of the vaccine. 13 of those deaths were autopsied, with the results suggesting that the common side effects may have contributed to severe reactions in frail, elderly people

Let me break that up into easier-to-digest points :

  1. They were talking about risks to the “VERY OLD” and the “TERMINALLY ILL“.
  2. Very old and terminally ill people can die at any time, so it is critical to INVESTIGATE and determine if their deaths were really caused by the vaccine.
  3. They were suggesting that because the very old and the terminally ill are very frail, even mild side effects like a slight fever, muscle pain, or a mild allergic reaction may be too much for them.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health said, “For those with the most severe frailty, even relatively mild vaccine side effects can have serious consequences.

They then pointed out that, “For those who have a very short remaining life span anyway, the benefit of the vaccine may be marginal or irrelevant.

In other words – they were pointing out that when it comes to the VERY OLD and the TERMINALLY ILL, the marginal extension of their lifespan may not be worth risk of the mild side effects exacerbating their pre-existing condition.

Reason #5 : Norway Asked Their Doctors To Continue Vaccinating People

While the news media blared alarming headlines, the Norwegians were NOT alarmed by the deaths.

Steinar Madsen, the medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA) told The BMJ that,

We are not alarmed or worried about this, because these are very rare occurrences and they occurred in very frail patients with very serious disease“.

They also asked their doctors to CONTINUE vaccinating people, just taking extra evaluation of VERY SICK PEOPLE whose underlying condition might be aggravated by the side effects.

Reason #6 : Allergic Reactions Are Uncommon

The same Bloomberg article that all these news media appear to be quoting or paraphrasing from, also said that :

  • Allergic reactions have been uncommon so far
  • In the US, there were 21 cases of severe allergic reactions after 1.9 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine were administered.
  • That works out to just 11.1 cases per MILLION doses

In other words, your risk of getting a severe allergic reaction from a dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is 0.001105%.

You are 35X more likely to DIE choking on your food, and 85X more likely to DIE from a car accident than to get a severe allergic reaction from the Pfizer vaccine.

But here’s the kicker – Norway has a COVID-19 mortality rate of 0.89% – one of the lowest in the world. Yet, that super-low risk of dying from COVID-19 is 804X higher than the risk of getting an allergic reaction from the Pfizer vaccine.


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