Wise Pad W7 Windows 10 4G LTE Phablet Review Rev. 3.0

Page 3 : Wise Pad W7 Camera Performance - Photo & Video

Camera Performance – Photo

The Wise Pad W7 has a 5 MP main camera, with f/2.4 lens and an LED flash. It takes photos with a resolution of 2592 x 1456, with file sizes ranging from 650 KB to 1 MB. Here are some photo samples from the 5MP main camera.

  • Wise Pad W7 photo sample 01
  • Wise Pad W7 photo sample 02
  • Wise Pad W7 photo sample 03
  • Wise Pad W7 photo sample 04
  • Wise Pad W7 photo sample 05
  • Wise Pad W7 photo sample 06
  • Wise Pad W7 photo sample 07
  • Wise Pad W7 photo sample 08

The photos taken appear washed out, unless HDR is enabled. But because the lens is relatively slow, using HDR may result in blurry pictures. The highlights are also easily blown-out when HDR is enabled.

Generally, the pictures are okay for viewing on the Wise Pad W7 itself, or posting on social media. However, the camera’s limitations are very apparent when viewed on a high-resolution computer display.


Camera Performance – Video

The Wise Pad W7‘s 5 MP camera sensor is capable of recording 1080p videos. However, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor powering the Wise Pad W7 is only powerful enough to handle 720p video recording. So you are limited to recording 720p videos. Here is a sample of the 720p video recording by the main camera.

Immediately, we can tell that the camera lacks optical image stabilisation. It supports electronic image stabilisation, but it does not help much in stabilising the image. You can see that the handshake is quite noticeable, even though we recorded this sample using two hands.

What is most distracting though is the camera’s inability to maintain focus. You can see the camera losing focus and seeking very often. The audio quality was also terrible, sounding really muffled and monotonous.

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