The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Smartphone Review

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Camera Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge‘s killer feature is its improved rear camera. Its faster f/1.7 lens allows for better low-light performance, which is obvious from the indoor photos we took. It also performed well, even when the weather was overcast. Its Dual Pixel technology also allowed for faster and more accurate focusing.

We have no complaints about the Samsung S5KL1 ISOCELL sensor in this Galaxy S7 edge model. We did note that it sometimes have white balance issues (the Dala horse picture above has a yellowish tinge), but nothing a quick photo edit can’t fix.

Below, you will see examples of how much detail resolution the Samsung S5KL1 ISOCELL sensor is capable of. Note the detail on the wall, and the texture of the fabric petals, as well as the intricate patterns on the bubblegum balls below.

The pictures of the fruits above show that the colours are bright and vivid. There is no doubt hat if you are into mobile photography, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Amazon) has arguably the best smartphone camera in the market right now.

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Video Recording Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Amazon) is capable of recording 4K UHD videos as well as 1080p videos. Other than the resolution difference, it can only record 4K UHD videos with optical image stabilisation. When set to record 1080p videos, it supports electronic image stabilisation as well as optical image stabilisation.

To test and compare both stabilisation capabilities, we recorded two examples in both 1080p and 4K modes. The first set are of Mr. Yang I-Deun’s piano performances, while the second set are of ice skaters.

The optical and electronic image stabilisation worked like a charm, reducing or even eliminating handshake and vibration. Even at 4K, the amount of shaking was very minimal. The image quality was superb and there was reasonably good control of the exposure. Only the bright background in the piano performance set was overexposed. The audio recording was also good – clear, with reasonably good background noise control. This is definitely our favourite smartphone to record videos.

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  5. Hari

    Please do not buy Samsung S7. I have been facing problem daily at least once the phone getting OFF for at least 10 minutes.
    Since I lost the bill, the shop keeper is not receiving for repair or replacement. I have incurred a big loss buying the Samsung S7 cell phone.

    Hari 0096895746586

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong Post author

      It seems that you may have a defective unit.

      Even if you lost the receipt, you can still try to claim support from Samsung directly. After all, the Galaxy S7 is less than a year-old.

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