The Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 (SM-A530F) Smartphone Review

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The Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Camera Performance - Photos & Videos

Camera Performance – Photos

The Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 (Price Check) uses the 16 MP Samsung ISOCELL S5K2P6SX camera as the main camera, with f/1.9 lens and a single LED flash. The maximum 16 MP resolution is attained with the 4:3 aspect ratio, with 4608 x 3456 pixels, and a file size of between 4.8 MB and 6 MB.

Here are 8 high-resolution samples for you to check out. Click on them to load the full-sized photos, which you can also download to examine.

  • Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 photo sample
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 photo sample
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 photo sample
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 photo sample
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 photo sample
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 photo sample
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 photo sample
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 photo sample

If you compare them side-by-side with photos from the Samsung Galaxy S8, they will look less vivid. But the resolution is top-notch, and the noise levels are low, thanks to the bright f/1.9 lens.

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Camera Performance – Video Recording

The Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 (Price Check) is restricted to recording up to 1080p videos from both front and rear cameras. There are no time limits when you record videos. However, it is still subject to the 4 GB file size limit.

When you record a long 1080p video, it will be broken up into separate files that are about 32 minutes in length, with a short recording gap in between. Here are three 1080p video samples, all taken without the use of gimbals.

Video Recording Test #1 : Piano

The camera’s resolution is really good. You can pick out the tiny signs in the background very clearly. It also demonstrated good control of the highlights – you can see into the Padini Concept Store in the background.

That said, it has some seeking issues as Mr. Yang sways his body – it seems to confuse the camera’s autofocus. Cameras with Dual Pixel technology (used in the Galaxy S8) are superior in this respect.

Video Recording Test #2 : Street Market

There is no optical image stabilisation (OIS) capability, but its electronic image stabilisation (EIS) did a decent job of smoothing out the harsher shakes during our walk. Note too the seeking issues – they are still evident outdoors, so it’s not a lighting issue.

Video Recording Test #3 : Christmas Showcase

In this walkabout of an indoor Christmas showcase, we can see the incredible detail the camera is capable of capturing. Many cameras can record 1080p videos, but most can’t capture the kind of detail this camera can.

The only downsides – the lack of optical image stabilisation, and the autofocus performance.

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