The OPPO F1s Selfie Expert Smartphone Review

Page 6 : OPPO F1s Overall & Gaming Performance, Verdict & Award

Overall Performance

AnTuTu is a nice benchmark for testing various performance aspects of Android devices.

OPPO F1s Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro honor 5C honor 5X
TOTAL SCORE 41486 68184 53417 36983
3D SCORE 4868 18360 9842 2446
– 3D (Marooned) 3188 10739 5795 1492
– 3D (Garden) 1679 7621 4047 954
UX SCORE 17640 23464 19297 16269
– UX Data Secure 4885 5356 5577 4673
– UX Data Process 2542 3235 2706 2438
– UX Strategy Games 2829 5601 4109 2698
– UX Image Process 3885 6240 3144 2599
– UX I/O Performance 3499 3022 3761 3861
CPU SCORE 14336 19872 19254 14031
– CPU Mathematics 3142 5953 4198 2968
– CPU Common Use 4805 4830 5947 4696
– CPU Multi-Core 6389 9089 9109 6367
RAM 4643 6488 5024 4237

The OPPO F1s (Amazon) put in a decent performance in AnTuTu, coming in between the honor 5C and the honor 5X in 3D and UX performance. It was just a little faster than the honor 5X in CPU and RAM performance.


Gaming Performance – 3DMark

We tested the OPPO F1s’ gaming performance using 3DMark, using the Ice Storm Unlimited test.

OPPO F1s Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro honor 5C honor 5X
Gaming Score 7666 16989 11560 5543
Graphics 7511 21800 11067 5046
Physics 8265 9585 13698 8460
Graphics Test 1 49.4 fps 120.7 fps 63.4 fps 27.5 fps
Graphics Test 2 24.4 fps 78.0 fps 38.8 fps 18.3 fps
Physics Test 26.2 fps 30.4 fps 43.5 fps 26.9 fps

In 3D performance, the OPPO F1s (Amazon) did quite well, coming in between the honor 5C and the honor 5X.


Our Verdict & Award

If you are wondering how the heck did OPPO beat the likes of Huawei and Xiaomi in the ferocious Chinese market, you can just look at the design choices in the OPPO F1s smartphone. OPPO focused solely on the basic necessities to keep costs low, and only spent money where it would make a real difference.

For example, the OPPO F1s (Amazon) comes with a large and sharp IPS display protected by Gorilla Glass 4, but kept the resolution to 720 x 1280. It may not compare favourably against higher resolution displays in the market, the difference in resolution wouldn’t make a real difference to the user.

A lower resolution display also allows for better graphics performance, while reducing power consumption. That allowed the OPPO F1s (Amazon) to deliver much faster 2D and 3D graphics performance than the honor 5X, which uses an equivalent processor. Yet, it boasts 50% better battery life than the honor 5X, even though they both also have the same battery capacity.

OPPO chose to focus instead on the high resolution selfie camera in the front, extra RAM and flash storage. The selfie camera is the OPPO F1s’ killer feature, after all. Anyone who wants the best selfie camera in a smartphone will know that this is what OPPO excels in. So it pays to spend money on the front camera.

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The extra RAM, on the other hand, gives it a real performance advantage over equivalent smartphones with 2 GB of RAM. The extra flash storage more than doubles the available storage for the user, and looks great when a potential buyer compares the OPPO F1s (Amazon) against competitors in the same price range (usually with just 16 GB of storage).

Even the accessories show the same focus on the necessities over bling. The OPPO F1s (Amazon) comes with a pair of earphones and a clear TPU case. Really the only accessories that you will likely use.

We only note two issues of concern. The first is OPPO’s continued use of the 1.5 year old Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. Other smartphone brands have long moved to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and are now in the process of switching to Android 7.0 Nougat.

We also wonder why the OPPO F1s (Amazon) does not even support electronic image stabilization. That is usually available when optical image stabilization is not built-in, because the cost to implement it is negligible. Perhaps they were focusing on the performance of the front selfie camera.

Overall, the OPPO F1s (Amazon) is a sleek, well-made smartphone with features that really matter. At this price point, it won’t have many competitors that can offer 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash storage. And no one else will offer a 16 MP front camera for the ultimate selfies. So if selfies are your “thing”, the OPPO F1s is really your only choice in this price point.

For those reasons, we think the OPPO F1s (Amazon) deserves the Tech ARP Reviewer’s Choice Award. Congratulations, OPPO!


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