Genius Pen (GP-B200) Premium Capacitive Stylus Review

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Genius Pen Usability / Verdict / Prices


Genius Pen Usability

The Genius Pen (Price Check) is battery-powered, but you should not mistaken it for an active pen. It lacks many of the features that an active pen would have – pressure sensitivity, buttons, palm rejection, etc.

It is an active capacitive pen, which means the battery creates the capacitive effect. This allows the nib to be small and hard for more precise and accurate writing and drawing than would be possible with the soft, large nib of a passive capacitive pen.

It is universally compatible with all devices with capacitive touch screens, working on every device we threw at it – from the small iPhone 6 to the iPad 2 Air. We even tried it out on the Samsung Galaxy S8, even though this is ostensibly the iOS model.

Although it lacks pressure sensitivity and control buttons, it requires absolutely no set-up to use. You don’t have to pair it with your device before using. Just press on the push button to extend the nib and activate the pen, and you’re good to go!

Because it does not require any set-up, the Genius Pen can be used with multiple devices. You can switch between your devices in an instant – the active capacitive nib registers as a tiny finger to those devices.

On the other hand, there is no palm rejection because your devices are actually unaware that a digital pen is in use. So you need to make sure you keep your palm off your device while you write or draw.


Our Verdict

The Genius Pen (Price Check) offers the precise writing and drawing capabilities that passive capacitive pens cannot, with the same ease of use. There is no set-up. Just click and go! If that is all you are interested in, the Genius Pen is exactly what you need.

But don’t mistaken it for an active pen, just because it is powered. If you want a pressure sensitive pen with palm rejection capability, you will need to look for a Bluetooth active pen.

The Genius Pen is not cheap but is built to last for many years of heavy use, with its hard nib and premium metal build. More importantly, its universal compatibility with capacitive touch screen devices means it can be your personal digital pen for all of your digital devices – One Pen to Rule Them All!

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