Genius Pen (GP-B200) Premium Capacitive Stylus Review

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Genius Pen Key Features

Genius Pen Key Features

Premium Metal Build

The Genius Pen (Price Check) is designed to look and feel like a high-quality ballpoint pen. It has a solid metal body with a matte surface, which fits comfortably in the hand.

Genius Pen in hand

Retractable Nib

The Genius Pen (Price Check) has a retractable nib, just like a real ballpoint pen. This helps to protect the nib from damage whenever the pen is not in use. Just tap on the push button to extend the nib to use, and again to retract it for storage.

Genius Pen clip and push button

Permanent Pen Nib

The Genius Pen nib is made from hard plastic and designed to last the lifetime of the pen. So there is no need to worry about replacing it after hard use.

Genius Pen stylus nib

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Active Capacitive Nib

The Genius Pen (Price Check) comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery that is recharged using a micro-USB port in the push button. The battery is used to generate a greater capacitive effect on the small nib.

Genius Pen micro USB port

The action of pressing on the push button to extend the nib activates the Genius Pen. There is even a small LED light that glows blue when activated (and red while charging).

Genius Pen LED light

The battery capacity is unknown, but the Genius Pen will last 8 hours with just 15 minutes of charging. That means the pen only uses about 0.15 watts of power.

Android & iOS Compatibility

The Genius Pen (Price Check) comes in iOS and Android models – GP-B200 for iOS, and GP-B200A for Android. However, our tests showed that the iOS model at least works perfectly fine for both iOS and Android devices.

Genius Pen test

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