The GAMDIAS Hermes RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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N-Key Rollover

GAMDIAS rates the GAMDIAS Hermes RGB mechanical gaming keyboard as being capable of n-key rollover (NKRO). This means it can correctly register multiple keys simultaneously. This is not only important in competitive gaming where keys are rapidly being pressed, but also musical composition where multiple keys may be pressed simultaneously.

Our tests showed that the GAMDIAS Hermes RGB keyboard is capable of registering up to 6 simultaneous keys. That makes it a 6KRO keyboard. This is enough for most competitive gamers and quick typists. And like all modern mechanical keyboards, it has anti-ghosting built-in, so it won’t register false key presses.


User Experience & Verdict

The GAMDIAS Hermes RGB mechanical gaming keyboard has great tactile feedback, thanks to the Kailh Blue switches. The curvier key caps also allow for easier touch typing. Even though it’s not a true NKRO keyboard, it is more than fast enough for most competitive gamers and touch typist.

The Kailh Blue switches can be rather distracting though, especially if you are playing for fun or with other people nearby. The clicks may offer audio feedback for typing, but it takes away your suspension of disbelief while gaming. You can “fix” the former by using headphones, but there’s nothing you can do about the latter.

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The RGB backlighting is great for those who want to play in the dark, or colour-coordinate it with the LED lighting in their gaming rig. The Hermes RGB offers full control of the lighting. But if you are not into RGB lighting, then the extensive lighting options it offers will seem like overkill.

Because it’s targeted at gamers, the Hermes RGB keyboard swapped the Menu key on the right with the Windows key. Where you usually have the Windows key on the left (between the Ctrl and Alt keys) is the Function key. This allows for faster, single-handed access to the built-in function keys. The downside – the Windows shortcut keys may now require two hands (e.g. Windows + E to open Windows Explorer ).

We would recommend the GAMDIAS Hermes RGB mechanical gaming keyboard to gamers who generally play alone, particularly if they prefer to use headphones over speakers. It is also a great keyboard for those who intend to do a lot of typing – the tactile feedback is similar to that of a typewriter. This is actually a great option for those who work and play on the same computer.


Giveaway Contest

In conjunction with the GAMDIAS Hermes RGB mechanical gaming keyboard review, GAMDIAS is sponsoring a giveaway of their Hermes E1 Combo worth US$ 79.99! Will YOU be the lucky owner of the GAMDIAS Hermes E1 Combo?

Click here for the contest details!


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