The GAMDIAS Hermes RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Key Features Of The GAMDIAS Hermes RGB

Here is a quick video tour that showcases the key features of the GAMDIAS Hermes RGB mechanical gaming keyboard.


The Keys & Switches

This is a mechanical keyboard targeted at gamers, so the keys and switches are, arguably, the most important components.

The GAMDIAS Hermes RGB keyboard uses the Kailh Blue switches – the clicky type. This gives you great tactile feedback, but if there are people around you, they’ll not enjoy the experience quite as much. 😀

Here are the Kailh Blue switch’s key specifications :

  • Behaviour : Clicky
  • Feel : Heavy
  • Actuation Force : 60 g
  • Actuation Distance : 2 mm
  • Total Travel Distance : 4 mm
  • Sound Level : Loud
  • Rated Lifespan : 50 million keystrokes

The key caps have a more pronounced cylindrical key face, which makes it easier to touch type. This makes the Hermes RGB a really great keyboard for touch typing. But again, the audible clicks may put off people around you.

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The keys can be removed for cleaning and replacement. GAMDIAS includes a bright orange key cap removal tool for that very purpose. Just push it in until it locks into the key and then pull to remove the key.

The GAMDIAS Hermes RGB keyboard has a few 6 gaming profile keys, 6 multimedia control keys, as well as special function keys :

  • Lock Keyboard – to disable all keyboard keys until they are unlocked
  • Game Mode – to lock the Windows key so there is no response when it is pressed
  • Swap WASD And Arrow Key Modes – switches the WASD keys to the arrow mode, and back again
  • On-The-Fly (OTF) Macro Recording – enables on-the-fly macro recording


RGB Backlight

This is the GAMDIAS Hermes RGB keyboard’s headline feature. As its name suggests, it has full RGB backlighting for its keys. Every single key is not just individually backlit, you can choose the backlight colour out of a wide spectrum of 16.8 million colours, with 4 brightness levels.

The Hermes RGB keyboard also comes with four lighting effects built-in. Using shortcut keys, you can instantly switch between those lighting effects – Wave, Rotation, Slide In, Static… and even turn off the lights completely. You can also adjust the speed and brightness levels of the backlight.


Other Features

The GAMDIAS Hermes RGB mechanical gaming keyboard has 1.8 meter long USB cable with a gold-plated USB connector. The keyboard has three channels, while the USB cable has two straps, for cable management.

The back of the Hermes RGB keyboard can be raised about 2 cm using the flip-stands. To prevent inadvertent movement, the flip stands have a rubber coating. There are also four rubber pads in the front of the keyboard.

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