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Design & Build

With a 5.5″ display, the Flash Plus 2 (Amazon | Lazada) is a phablet, hence the “Plus” in its name. Beneath the display, there is a home button flanked by a pair of backlit capacitive keys. The home button does double duty as a fingerprint sensor, which allows the Flash Plus 2 to be unlocked in a fraction of a second.

While fingerprint sensors aren’t new, the Flash Plus 2 is the first to include one in this price segment. The choice of combining it with the home button may not be to everyone’s taste though. It requires the Flash Plus 2 to be woken up from standby (by pressing on the home button or power button) before being unlocked.

The Power button and Volume control buttons are located on the right side of the Flash Plus 2, near the top. That is not a very ideal location for the power button, although most users will just use the Home button to wake up the Flash Plus 2.

On the bottom, you will find the micro USB 2.0 port near the left edge, with the microphone port near the right edge. You will find a second microphone port at the top of the Flash Plus 2 (Amazon | Lazada), together with the headphone port. The two microphone ports helps with the noise cancellation, allowing for clearer audio to be recorded.

The biggest change from the previous Flash 2 smartphone is immediately apparent from the back. The Flash Plus 2 is the first model to feature a metal case. Now, it does not have a metal frame, or even a unibody design. Instead, it features a swappable metal back cover in the choice of two colours – Luna Silver and Venus Gold.

Even though it still uses a plastic frame, the metal back cover stiffens the Flash Plus 2, and gives it a more premium feel. The brushed aluminium finish also gives it a classier look. The top half of its back is dominated by its 13 MP camera, accompanied by a dual-tone LED flash. The bottom half features a speaker vent with a slight bump to maximise audio output when placed on flat surfaces.

While phablets are usually less ergonomic for those with smaller hands, the Flash Plus 2 (Amazon | Lazada) fits our hands quite well. This is probably due to the rounded edges on its back. They allow for a more comfortable grip, although the brushed finish feels a little slippery. On the other hand, the finish is virtually impervious to fingerprint smudges!


Inside The Flash Plus 2

Now, we will show you how to carefully remove the metal back cover to gain access to the two SIM slots and the microSD card slot.

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Setting Up The Flash Plus 2

When you power up the Flash Plus 2 (Amazon | Lazada) for the first time, it will take about 36 seconds to boot up. If you set it up as a fresh device, it will take you no more than 5 minutes to complete the initial setup. Check it out!

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