The 8TB WD Gold Datacenter Drive (WD8002FRYZ) Review

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Page 5 : Transfer Rate Range, Disk WinMark Results

Transfer Rate Range

This chart shows you the range of platter-to-buffer transfer rates from the innermost track to the outermost track. In other words, it shows you the range of disk transfer rates of the hard disk drives (from minimum to maximum).

WD Gold 8TB transfer rate range

The 8TB WD Gold drive has an official peak throughput of 205 MB/s, which was confirmed by our tests. In fact, it actually peaked at 209 MB/s. While that puts it ahead of most of the competition, it was still slower than the 6TB WD Black.

This is because the 8TB WD Gold uses platters with slightly lower areal density (about 1,142 GB per platter) than the 6TB WD Black, which boasts 1,200 GB per platter.


Business Disk WinBench 99

8TB Gold Business Disk WinBench 99

The 8TB WD Gold datacenter drive is not optimised for desktop applications, so it’s no wonder that it isn’t the fastest drive in this test. Even so, the 8TB Gold datacenter drive did reasonably well, coming within 12% of the 6TB WD Black.

Hard Disk Drive ModelCapacityBusiness Disk
WinMark 99
DifferenceUseful Links
Western Digital Black6 TB26.1 MB/s+ 12.0%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Green6 TB25.6 MB/s+ 9.9%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Black4 TB24.0 MB/s+ 3.0%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Red Pro4 TB23.4 MB/s+ 0.4%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Gold8 TB23.3 MB/sBaselineLowest $
Western Digital Re4 TB20.4 MB/s– 12.4%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Red6 TB19.4 MB/s– 16.7%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Red4 TB17.5 MB/s– 24.9%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Caviar Green3 TB16.3 MB/s– 30.0%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Red3 TB16.1 MB/s– 30.9%ReviewLowest $
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High-End Disk WinBench 99

8TB Gold High-End Disk WinBench 99

Again, the 8TB WD Gold was fast, but it was not exceptionally fast because it’s not optimised for desktop applications.

Hard Disk Drive ModelCapacityHigh-End Disk
WinMark 99
DifferenceUseful Links
Western Digital Black6 TB143.0 MB/s+ 7.5%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Green6 TB140.0 MB/s+ 5.3%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Black4 TB138.0 MB/s+ 3.8%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Red Pro4 TB137.0 MB/s+ 3.0%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Gold8 TB133.0 MB/sBaselineLowest $
Western Digital Re4 TB121.0 MB/s– 9.0%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Red6 TB121.0 MB/s– 9.0%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Red4 TB118.0 MB/s– 11.3%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Caviar Green3 TB114.0 MB/s– 14.3%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Red3 TB107.0 MB/s– 19.5%ReviewLowest $

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