The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 (SM-A720F) Review

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Page 6 : Overall & Gaming Performance, Verdict & Award

Overall Performance – AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu is a nice benchmark for testing various performance aspects of Android devices.

The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 (SM-A720F) AnTuTu results

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) ASUS ZenFone 3 honor 5C OPPO F1s
TOTAL SCORE 56431 62761 53417 41486
3D SCORE 15458 18816 9842 4868
– 3D (Marooned) 10511 10861 5795 3188
– 3D (Garden) 4947 7952 4047 1679
UX SCORE 18496 26794 19297 17640
– UX Data Secure 5295 5077 5577 4885
– UX Data Process 2612 4198 2706 2542
– UX Strategy Games 3671 7503 4109 2829
– UX Image Process 3373 6879 3144 3885
– UX I/O Performance 3545 3137 3761 3499
CPU SCORE 16459 23689 19254 14336
– CPU Mathematics 3132 6950 4198 3142
– CPU Common Use 5199 6311 5947 4805
– CPU Multi-Core 8128 10428 9109 6389
RAM 6018 6797 5024 4643

The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 did not do so well in the CPU tests, coming in between the honor 5C (Amazon) and the OPPO F1s (Amazon). However, it did well in the 3D tests, coming in close to the performance of the ASUS ZenFone 3 (Amazon).


Gaming Performance – 3DMark

We tested the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7‘s gaming performance using 3DMark, using the Ice Storm Unlimited test.

The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 (SM-A720F) 3DMark results

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) ASUS ZenFone 3 honor 5C OPPO F1s
Gaming Score 13540 13956 11560 7666
Graphics 13548 13484 11067 7511
Physics 13510 15903 13698 8265
Graphics Test 1 81.1 fps 80.5 fps 63.4 fps 49.4 fps
Graphics Test 2 46.2 fps 46.1 fps 38.8 fps 24.4 fps
Physics Test 42.9 fps 50.5 fps 43.5 fps 26.2 fps

The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 did well in this 3D gaming test, virtually matching the performance of the ASUS ZenFone 3 (Amazon). It was only slightly slower in the Physics test.


Our Verdict & Award

The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 is a big upgrade from the 2016 model, offering IP68 dust- and water-resistance, a 20% faster processor, twice as much storage and a new 16 MP front camera. It also boasts the new bidirectional Type C USB port and a bigger fast charging battery.

The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 (SM-A720F)

The dual 16 MP cameras of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 is a unique development. It appears to be Samsung’s first salvo at OPPO and their focus on high-resolution front cameras. In fact, its dual 16 MP cameras appear to be a direct competitor against the OPPO R9s, which was launched at the same time.

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Samsung is also positioning the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 as the affordable version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Amazon). It packs many of the Galaxy S7 edge‘s key features with some tradeoffs. For example, it has higher-resolution 16 MP cameras but they can only record videos at 1080p, instead of 4K. They also lack both optical and electronic image stabilisation.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Amazon) still boasts the better cameras, a higher resolution QHD display and a wireless charging capability. The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7, on the other hand, has better battery life, a larger display and separate SIM and microSD slots.

So which Samsung smartphone should you get? Samsung would love for you to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Amazon). But if you can’t afford it, that’s where the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 comes in.

Despite our misgivings about the lack of image stabilisation of its cameras, and the 1080p restriction on video recordings, we are impressed with major upgrades Samsung packed into the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7. We think it deserves our Reviewer’s Choice Award. Congratulations, Samsung!

Tech ARP Reviewer's Choice Award

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