The 1TB WD Blue SSD (WDS100T1B0A) Review

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Page 5 : WinBench Results, Transfer Rate Range

Business Disk WinBench 99

The 1TB WD Blue SSD - Business Winmark

The 1TB WD Blue SSD did quite well in this test, matching the performance of the 256 GB OCZ Vector and 240 GB HyperX Savage SSDs.

Drive ModelCapacityBusiness Disk
WinMark 99
DifferenceUseful Links
Intel 520 Series240 GB77.7 MB/s+ 25.3%ReviewLowest $
OCZ Vertex 2 (E)120 GB74.4 MB/s+ 20.0%ReviewLowest $
Corsair F9090 GB71.1 MB/s+ 14.7%Review
Western Digital Black²120 GB63.1 MB/s+ 1.8%ReviewLowest $
OCZ Vector256 GB62.1 MB/s+ 0.2%ReviewLowest $
WD Blue SSD1 TB62.0 MB/sBaselineLowest $
HyperX Savage240 GB61.9 MB/s– 0.2%ReviewLowest $
Intel X25-M G2160 GB50.4 MB/s– 18.7%ReviewLowest $
WD VelociRaptor1 TB29.8 MB/s– 51.9%ReviewLowest $
WD Re4 TB20.4 MB/s– 67.1%ReviewLowest $


High-End Disk WinBench 99

The 1TB WD Blue SSD - High-End Winmark

In the High-End test, the 1TB WD Blue SSD did not do so well, coming in the lower end of the chart, albeit significantly faster than the hard disk drives.

Drive ModelCapacityBusiness Disk
WinMark 99
DifferenceUseful Links
Intel 520 Series240 GBBeyond limitNAReviewLowest $
OCZ Vector256 GBBeyond limitNAReviewLowest $
HyperX Savage240 GB262 MB/s+ 19.1%ReviewLowest $
OCZ Vertex 2 (E)120 GB250 MB/s+ 13.6%ReviewLowest $
Western Digital Black²120 GB246 MB/s+ 11.8%ReviewLowest $
Corsair F9090 GB231 MB/s+ 5.0%Review
WD Blue SSD1 TB220 MB/sBaselineLowest $
Intel X25-M G2160 GB215 MB/s– 2.3%ReviewLowest $
WD VelociRaptor1 TB172 MB/s– 21.8%ReviewLowest $
WD Re4 TB138 MB/s– 37.3%ReviewLowest $
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Transfer Rate Range

This chart shows you the range of memory cell-to-controller transfer rates for SSDs, or the range of platter-to-buffer transfer rates from the innermost track to the outermost track in HDDs.

The 1TB WD Blue SSD - Transfer Rate Range

Despite boasting an official peak transfer rate of 545 MB/s, our tests show that the sustained transfer rate of the 1TB WD Blue SSD is much slower – between 230 and 249 MB/s. This makes it significantly slower than the other SSDs in this comparison. It is important to note though that the 1TB WD Blue SSD remains much faster than even top-of-the-line hard disk drives like the 1TB WD VelociRaptor.

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