The 1TB WD Blue SSD (WDS100T1B0A) Review

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Page 4 : Testing The WD Blue SSD, Over-Provisioning & Usable Capacity, Transfer Rate Profile

Testing The WD Blue SSD

ProcessorsIntel Core i7-2600K
MotherboardIntel DP67BG
MemoryFour Kingmax 2 GB DDR3-1333 modules
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
SSD & HDD Drives4 TB Western Digital Re
1 TB + 120 GB WD Black²
1 TB WD Blue SSD
1 TB WD VelociRaptor
256 GB OCZ Vector
240 GB HyperX Savage
240 GB Intel 520 Series
160 GB Intel X25-M G2
120 GB OCZ Vertex 2 (E)
90 GB Corsair F90
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 64-bit
Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit

Testing Methodology


Over-Provisioning & Usable Capacity

The 1TB WD Blue SSD (WDS100T1B0A) storage capacityThis WD Blue SSD has a maximum storage capacity of 1,024 GB, courtesy of eight 128 GB Micron NAND chips. Of that, a mere 24 GB has been set aside for garbage collection, wear levelling and replacement of failing blocks.

Ordinarily, the limited 2.4% over-provisioning may impact long-term performance and lifespan. However, it appears that Western Digital has opted to mitigate that using a large 1 GB DDR3L SDRAM cache.

After it is formatted in NTFS, the actual formatted capacity is 1,000,202,039,296 bytes. This is slightly (202 MB) more than the official formatted capacity of 1,000 GB.

With about 124 MB of space allocated to the NTFS file system, the actual usable capacity is just above 1,000 GB.

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Transfer Rate Profile

We compared the 1TB WD Blue SSD to the 240GB HyperX Savage. As you can see, it delivered a sustained throughput of between 230 MB/s and 249 MB/s, with occasional bursts to 280 MB/s.

The 1TB WD Blue SSD - transfer rate profile

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