Did Bernie Sanders Rape Boy On Tape 30 Years Ago?!

Was Bernie Sanders forced to rape a boy on tape 30 years ago?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Bernie Sanders Raped Boy On Tape 30 Years Ago!

People are claiming or suggesting on social media that Senator Bernie Sanders was forced to rape a boy on tape 30 years ago!

Stew Peters : Bernie Sanders has been identified as the member of congress who is on tape allegedly raping a little boy in a basement 30 years ago.

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Truth : Bernie Sanders Did Not Rape Boy On Tape 30 Years Ago!

This appears to be yet another example of fake news circulating online, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Bernie Sanders Was Never Formally Accused Of Rape

Let me start by pointing out that Senator Bernie Sanders has never been formally accused by anyone of rape.

These claims appear to originate from posts on X (formerly Twitter) by #Survivor – of Child Trafficking, who identified herself as Jennifer Guskin (archive):

#Survivor – of Child Trafficking : When I was a child, I was brought into a basement to be… violated.
While I was being raped, a man was dragged downstairs, and was told to rape a boy that was bent over in front of him, or they would the man and his family, who were lined up along a wall, where there was also a man behind a camera on a tripod.

Someone else came up to him, and told him “If you don’t do it, they will kill your family, and nothing can undo that, but if you do it, it’ll be fine, because that boy is used to it, and no one has to die”

To date, that’s the hardest I’ve ever seen a grown man cry. That man is currently sitting in Congress.

There is a system of bribery and blackmail controlling the upper echelons of society. The question is if someone “Did the deed” with a smile on their face because they knew their fortunes would improve, or if they did it with a tear in their eye because they didn’t want to hurt the child.

The only way we will be able to expose it is if the blackmailed and the children come together to name those who forced us.

TheRazorPigKid : If this is true, who is the man that is sitting in congress?

#Survivor – of Child Trafficking : Sanders. This was about 30 years ago. In NY.

Unfortunately, #Survivor – of Child Trafficking / Jennifer Gurkin never provided any evidence to back up her claims.

As shocking as these claims are, no one – neither #Survivor – of Child Trafficking / Jennifer Gurkin, nor the boy who was allegedly raped, or his family, ever filed a criminal complaint or lawsuit alleging rape by Bernie Sanders.

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Fact #2 : Story Was Inconsistent

The original accusation claimed / suggested that Bernie Sanders and his family were dragged downstairs to the same basement where she was allegedly being raped. They lined up against the basement wall, and then Bernie Sanders allegedly raped the boy.

But in a later post (archive), the #Survivor – of Child Trafficking / Jennifer Gurkin said that Bernie Sanders family was in a van, and not in the basement. She also appears to suggest that she never actually saw Bernie Sanders rape the boy:

#Survivor – of Child Trafficking : I don’t believe his family was in the room for the actual rape, because after the man raping me was done, I went upstairs. Maybe 20 mins or so, Sanders came upstairs and was led out of a side door into a van where his family was.

Fact #3 : Bernie Sanders Lives In Vermont

Bernie Sanders has been living in Vermont since he married his first wife, Deborah Shiling Messing, in 1964.

Even after he married his second wife, Mary Jane O’Meara, in 1988, they lived in Vermont. They have a house in the New North End neighbourhood, and a lakefront summer house in North Hero. Bernie Sanders also owns a home in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

What is certain is that Bernie Sanders does not live in New York. While it might be plausible for people to kidnap him and bring him to a New York basement, it is highly implausible they would be able to capture his entire family, as alleged, and transport all of them to New York.

Fact #4 : His Children Were Adults At That Time

Bernie Sanders’ alleged forced rape of a boy allegedly took place 30 years ago – so it would have been about 1994, or thereabouts.

His only biological son – Levi Sanders, would have been 25 years at that time. Even his second wife’s children were adults at that time – Heather Titus was 23 years old, Carina Driscoll was 20 years old, while Dave Driscoll was 19 years old.

In short – Bernie Sanders’ only son and step-children were likely living separately when the alleged rape took place. So it would be quite impossible for anyone to track them all down, kidnap them at the same time, and then transport them all the way to a New York basement to watch their father / stepfather rape a boy.

Can you see just how ludicrous these claims are???

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Fact #5 : Gurkin Lawsuit Had Nothing To Do With Bernie Sanders

While there are suggestions or claims that Jennifer Gurkin sued the government over these rape claims, that does not appear to be accurate.

According to the appeal judgement (PDF) of Jennifer Ruskin v United States, she sued the US government to have her daughter returned to her, as well as [monetary] damages. Senator Bernie Sanders was never mentioned in that lawsuit.

Her case was dismissed by the Federal Court, and her appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeals.

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