Nat Geo Wrongly Puts Gardens by the Bay In Malaysia!

National Geographic just made a hilarious faux pas, wrongly putting Gardens by the Bay in Malaysia!

Take a look at the photo that just went viral, and the hilarious responses!


Nat Geo : Here Is Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Malaysia!

On 27 August 2022, National Geographic UK went viral after posting a photo of the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, with this description :

From the Archive: A family from India walks through the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Malaysia.


Gardens by the Bay Is In Singapore, Not Malaysia!

The photo by Lucas Foglia quickly went viral, not because it was beautiful – it was, but because National Geographic UK wrongly claimed that Gardens by the Bay is in Singapore, Malaysia!

Gardens by the Bay is located in Singapore, and not Malaysia. More importantly – Singapore and Malaysia are two separate countries.

Just in case Nat Geo UK editors are confused, Singapore used to be part of Malaysia, until it separated on 9 August 1965. Here is a bit of historical evidence of that sad day…

Many Singaporean and Malaysian netizens quickly ribbed Nat Geo UK for fun. Here is a selection of both serious and funny responses to National Geographic UK’s faux pas.

Tourism Malaysia : Dear Sir/Madam, that is Singapore. This is Malaysia

GSC : Also from the Archive: An IMAX theatre built with Vibranium in Wakanda, Johor Bahru.

Ahmad Nazir Mohd Azmi : Just come back from Eiffel Tower, UK

MGAG : Avengers Tower, New York City, Malaysia

Justin Jozy Oh : From the Archive: A beautiful view of the Big Ben in New York, UK.

Baxter Oh : From archive : A beautiful view at Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia, People’s Republic of China

Zhen Feng Yap : From the Archive: A beautiful view of the Cat statue overlooking the city in Wakanda, State of Sarawak, Malaysia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.

Chernyet Wong : From the Archive: A traveller from National Geographic UK was exploring in Sahara Desert in Mars, Malaysia


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