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Ultra-Wide Angle + Super Macro Photography

Ultra-Wide Angle Photography

The ultra-wide angle lens of the HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro smartphones greatly increase the sense of space, giving your landscape photos look more impressive!

Ultra-Wide Angle Photo Example

Club Med Bali has a beautiful pool deck with vibrant red umbrellas that captures the attention of all guests.

As I was having breakfast in the morning at around 9am, I noticed that the shadow casting on the ground looks very interesting and I knew it would make a great ultra-wide angle shot.

Since it was early, the area wasn’t filled with people yet. So, I quickly decided to use the HUAWEI P30 Pro to capture this scene using the ultra-wide angle lens.

This was the only shot I took as it looked great instantly. The sky was not over exposed, allowing clouds to appear clearly while the shadow areas are balanced nicely with details still intact.

I took this from the first floor of the building, hence I could cover more areas further back into the scene.

– Smashpop

Image metadata

ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/1996s | F2.2 | 16mm (0.6x, ultra-wide angle

Eligible NEXT Image Awards categories

  • Going the Distance
  • Hello, Life!


Super Macro Photography

The ultra-wide angle lens also has a very short focus distance, letting you get in as close as 2.5 cm for macro photography!

Adjust the zoom to 0.6X to enter the Ultra-Wide Angle Mode. When you get real close to the subject, the camera will automatically enter the Super Macro Mode. Easy peasy!

Super Macro Photo Example #1

These are the wings of Malaysia’s national butterfly, the Rajah Brooke’s birdwing butterfly. It is also the largest species in Malaysia.

Butterflies have some of the most stunning colours, lines and textures that are usually unseen by the human eye.

The super macro mode on the HUAWEI P30 Pro managed to help capture such details, where you can notice thousands of tiny scales responsible for the magnificent colour characteristics of butterflies.

It’ll be good to note that this was captured handheld without any assisting accessories!

– Sanjitpaal Singh

Image metadata

ISO 640 | Shutter Speed 1/100s | F2.2 | 27mm (Super Macro Mode + AI Mode)

Eligible NEXT Image Awards categories

  • Going the Distance,
  • #Emotion Tag

Super Macro Photo Example #2

You can try this at home too! A little splatter of water on a compact disk would do the trick.

– Sanjitpaal Singh

Image metadata

ISO 64 | Shutter Speed 1/100s | F2.2 | 27mm (Super Macro Mode + AI Mode)

Eligible NEXT Image Awards categories

  • Going the Distance
  • #Emotion Tag

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