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Super Zoom Photography

Super Zoom Photography

Thanks to its new periscope lens design, the HUAWEI P30 Pro SuperZoom capability gives you amazing reach with 5X optical zoom, 10X hybrid zoom and up to 50X optical zoom!

The camera is kept steady by optical image stabilisation (OIS), so you can take faraway shots that look sharp, with great detail!

Super Zoom Photo Example #1

Sultan Abdul Samad Building with a ultra-wide angle lens (top), 10X zoom (middle), and 50X zoom (bottom)

As one of the most iconic buildings in Malaysian history, I decided to choose this building as my subject for its heritage and cultural values.

And thanks to Huawei P30 Pro with its Ultra-Wide Lens and Superzoom function, I managed to capture a famous section of the building, as well as the iconic clock tower as my Superzoom target.

Tips: try to use the Landscape mode if you’re shooting low-rise buildings.

– Faliq Fahmie

Image metadata

Top image: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/1927s | F2.2 | 16mm (Ultra-Wide Angle)

Middle image: ISO 80 | Shutter Speed 1/900s | F3.4 | 277mm (Normal Mode)

Bottom image: ISO 125 | Shutter Speed 1/900s | F3.4 | 1343mm (Normal Mode)

Eligible NEXT Image Awards categories

  • Going the Distance
  • Hello, Life!

Super Zoom Photo Example #2

The Moroccan Pavilion, Putrajaya with an ultra-wide angle lens (top), 5X zoom (middle), and 50X zoom (bottom)

Did you know that there is a piece of Morocco in Malaysia? Tucked away in a corner of the Putrajaya Botanical Gardens lies the exquisite Moroccan Pavilion, Putrajaya known as Astaka Morocco.

The detailing leaves me in awe. This spectacular shot was achieved with the Ultra-Wide Mode on the HUAWEI P30 Pro.

The key to a clear and sharp photo is the lighting. Explore and catch a good frame with the best lighting, find your angle, and snap! Use these tips with the Ultra-Wide Mode, and nothing will go wrong!

– Amsyar Naaif

Image metadata

Top image: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/314s | F2.2 | 16mm (Ultra-Wide Angle + AI Mode)

Middle image: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/136s | F3.4 | 135mm (Normal Mode + AI Mode)

Bottom image: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/137s | F3.4 | 1343mm (Normal Mode + AI Mode)

Eligible NEXT Image Awards categories

  • Going the Distance
  • Hello, Life!

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