The 360° Honor VR Camera Preview & Demo

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On 21 February 2017, Huawei revealed their partnership with Insta360 in developing a 360° virtual reality smartphone camera. Branded as the Honor VR Camera, it offers the ability to take 3K photos and videos in 360°. Users can even livestream and share their 360° creations using the custom app.

The 360° Honor VR Camera Preview & Demo

This VR Camera is supposed to be available only in China, with no international release. However, we were amongst the lucky few to catch a demo of this camera yesterday. We even got some hands-on time with it!


The Honor VR Camera Demo

Honor has not officially announced that the Honor VR Camera will be available outside of China, but we were able to catch this short live demo recently. Check it out!


The Honor VR Camera Hands-On Preview

As this was an exclusive sneak-peek, we had only a few minutes with the Honor VR Camera. Hope you enjoy this short hands-on preview of the Honor VR Camera!

The Honor VR Camera comes in a rubber shell, which is designed to protect its two cameras from being scratched. The Type C USB port is visible at the bottom. You pull it out with two fingers, just like you would… an eyeball? 😀

  • The 360° Honor VR Camera Preview & Demo
  • The 360° Honor VR Camera Preview & Demo
  • The 360° Honor VR Camera Preview & Demo
  • The 360° Honor VR Camera Preview & Demo

Honor did not reveal much details about the Honor VR Camera, just that it is capable of 3K photography and livestreaming through the companion app. But if it’s a rebranded Insta360 Air (Amazon (USB Type C) | Amazon (micro USB) | Lazada), then the two cameras will have a 4.5 MP sensor with f/2.4 lens, and is capable of capturing photos with a resolution of 3008 x 1504, and videos with a resolution of 2560 x 1280 at 30 fps.


Honor VR Camera Price & Availability

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Honor had earlier said that this VR Camera would only be available in China, and there were no plans for an international release. However, they seemed to have changed their minds.

From what we understand, they now expect to make it available internationally sometime between May and June of 2017. It will be paired with an Honor-customised companion app.

Needless to say, they do not have a price range for the Honor VR Camera right now. They can only say that “it won’t be cheap

Considering the Insta360 Air (Amazon (USB Type C) | Amazon (micro USB) | Lazada) is selling for RM 699 / ~US$ 155, we reckon it will cost about the same. Hopefully cheaper!

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