Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ : Senado Square At Night!

We took the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ for a photography trip to Macau, where we took some shots of the picturesque Senado Square at night.

Check out these sample photos which will show you what you can expect from the Galaxy Note 10+ at night!


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ : A Quick Primer

The Galaxy Note 10+ is the latest Samsung Note device. Think of it as an improved Galaxy S10+, with an S Pen stylus!

In addition to a flagship-class processor and a ton of memory and storage, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (USUK | AU | SGMY) boasts a quad-camera system.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+‘s quad-camera system consists of these cameras :

  • 12 MP Dual Aperture Camera (f/1.5 and f/2.4) : 77°, Dual Pixel, OIS
  • 16 MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera (f/2.2) : 123°, 0.5X optical zoom
  • 12 MP Telephoto Camera (f/2.4) : 45°, 2X optical zoom, OIS
  • 3D DepthVision Camera : ToF emitter and sensor with VGA (320 x 240 pixels) resolution

The 3D DepthVision camera is actually a pair of ToF (Time of Flight) emitter and sensor that provide 3D data to the main camera for features like Video Bokeh and 3D scanning. It doesn’t take any photos.

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Introducing Senado Square, Macau

Senado Square, also known as the Senate Square, is a famous landmark in Macau featuring beautiful Portuguese pavements. It is part of the Macau World Heritage Site.

Senado Square is always crowded during weekends, but it was especially crowded at night when we arrived as residents and tourists come to revel in the Christmas spirit.

It is also a popular start for many tourists, as the Portuguese pavements lead you past the Leal Senado Building, and the St. Dominic’s Church, on the way to the Ruins of St. Paul and the Monte Fort.

Much of this “trail” has been renovated, with brand new stores replacing old shops. But there is still plenty of great sights here, making it a must-see location for all visitors to Macau.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ : Senado Square At Night!

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has three cameras, we found ourselves using its 12 MP dual-aperture main camera and its 16 MP ultra-wide camera for all of these sample shots.

Its ultra-wide angle camera, which has a viewing angle of 123°, was really useful in taking in the expansive architecture as well as crowds of people.

Try to avoid placing people at the corners though – they end up looking really distorted!

What impressed us about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (USUK | AU | SGMY) is how the shots turned out with any fancy manual adjustments.

In our photography samples, we believe in using Auto with no manual adjustments – because this is precisely how the vast majority of smartphone users take their photos!

In this shot of St. Dominic’s Church, note how it accurately captured the yellow facade and green doors in the limited light, while maintaining the proper exposure with a pitch black sky in the background!

With enough street lighting, you can capture decent photos of a fast moving crowd at night without excessive blurring, as this sample shot of nearby Rua de Sao Paulo demonstrates.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+‘s ability to capture great shots like this, with virtually no preparation, is why it is our favourite smartphone for our personal photos.

Just whip it out for a quick shot, and in almost all cases, you end up with a great shot!


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ : Where To Buy?

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