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Did Valerie Plante Collapse On TV From COVID-19 Vaccine?!

Did Montreal mayor Valerie Plante suddenly collapse from a COVID-19 vaccine side effect, during a televised press conference?! Take a look at the...

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Falling Words : How To Get This Game For Free!

Falling Words - a typing simulator game - is free for a limited time! Find out how to get it FREE, and make sure you tell your friends! SUBSCRIBE...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Battery + Charging Review!

Take a look at the battery recharging speed of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE, and find out how its two refresh rate options affect battery life!...

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49 Free Steam Games + DLCs : 4 December 2023 List!

Here are 29 games and 20 DLCs that are currently free on Steam. Once you add them to your Steam account, these games are yours to keep forever! S...

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