Welcome to the new Tech ARP!

Welcome to the new Tech ARP!

It has a new backend with a new look. That is still a work in progress, so please be patient while we set up our new home. 😀

The entire old Tech ARP is now available @ http://archive.techarp.com. It will remain at http://archive.techarp.com forever, but we will port over some of the newer and more important articles and reviews.

You can also access the Tech ARP Forums at the same old link of http://forums.techarp.com. You will notice that we have also switched from vBulletin to xenForo, but your account details and login information will remain the same.

Please give them a try and let us know if you face any issues. There is bound to be teething problems, and we are counting on you to help us find them! Thanks! 😀

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