Upgrade To A Maxis 4G SIM Card & Win RM 1 Million!

Maxis and Hotlink customers who upgrade their 3G SIM card to a 4G SIM card now be a part of a RM1 million giveaway campaign!

To ensure customers enjoy the best 4G experience on their smartphones, Maxis has introduced the RM1 million 3G SIM Swap campaign, where it will reward a total of RM1 million in cash to Maxis and Hotlink customers who upgrade to a 4G SIM card.

Originally posted @ 2017-04-25

Updated @ 2017-05-18 : Added a new section on the first 20 Maxis customers to win.


Upgrade To A Maxis 4G SIM Card & Win RM 1 Million!

Beginning 25 April, customers who successfully complete their SIM swap will be automatically eligible to participate in the RM1 million giveaway campaign.

There will be three rounds throughout the campaign. Customers will be eligible to participate in all three rounds, as long as they haven’t won. So, the earlier customers participate, the more opportunity they have to win.

The three rounds will take place on 3 May, 16 May and 21 May 2017 respectively.

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Customers can check if they are using an active Maxis 3G or 4G SIM card by dialing *100# or visiting their nearest Maxis Centre or participating dealer.

To participate in the campaign, Maxis / Hotlink customers just need to:

  • Bring their active 3G SIM card to any Maxis Centre/participating Hotlink dealer to perform the SIM swap
  • Also bring proof of identity, e.g. their Identify Card or valid Passport, to prove that they are the rightful owner of the SIM card

Once their SIM swap is successfully completed, they will be automatically eligible to participate in the RM1 million giveaway.


20 Maxis Customers Have Won So Far!

To date, Maxis has given away RM450,000 to 20 winners from the first and second rounds. This is the final week of the campaign, so try your luck! The final round of winners will be announced on 21 May 2017.

To share how excited and surprised the first 10 Maxis customers were when finding out about their win, Maxis put together this video on their reaction :

To erase any doubt, each customer was contacted by a Maxis customer service representative from Maxis’ 123 number, which appeared as “Hotline Malaysia” on their phone.


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