Tune Talk Madness Top Up Promotion

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11 APRIL 2016, KUALA LUMPUR – Tune Talk today announced the new “Tune Talk Madness Top Up promotion” as to answer the demands of the company’s current and potential subscribers, who are always hungry for more data.

tune talk madness top up promotion

The company is about putting the subscribers first and we strive to give them the best deal in town and all that needs to be done now, is to top up and immediately be rewarded with free data. Good news to all subscribers who has downloaded the Tune Talk mobile app, extra privileges are coming your way. We are encouraging our users to download our app as it is in line with our mission to make our mobile app as a platform for us to spread the latest news!

The company does not mind being labelled crazy because of the amount of free data given, but the insanity is needed, to satisfy the hunger for data of our beloved subscribers. The madness behind the new top up promotion shall once again change the ecosystem of the business in Malaysia. Data is the new currency and Tune Talk is a firm believer that is will shape the future of communications and businesses.

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Additional to the extra data given, Tune Talk has also revised the amount of BIG Points given when a subscriber tops up. Tune Talk has introduced the points system since day one of its operation as part of our effort to give back to the loyal subscribers. This point system is called BIG Points as it is a collaboration with our sister company AirAsiaBIG.

The points collected will able our subscribers to enjoy more benefits converting the points into goodies such as free AirAsia flight ticket, concert or movie tickets, devices and lots more.

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