Transcend 500S and 300S SD and MicroSD Cards Launched!

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Transcend Information, Inc. just announced the availability of the Transcend 500S and 300S series of SD and microSD cards. These memory cards are available in capacities of up to 512 GB and feature transfer speeds of up to 95 MB/s!


Transcend 500S and 300S SD and MicroSD Cards

The gold Transcend 500S series, constructed of durable MLC flash, is ideal for action cameras and drones, while the silver Transcend 300S series SD and microSD cards are offered in capacities up to 512 GB.

Transcend 500S and 300S SD and MicroSD Cards Launched!

Transcend 300S Meets A1 Performance Specifications

Transcend’s 128GB 300S microSD cards meet the SD Association’s latest Application Performance Class 1 (A1) standards for responsiveness, which call for performing 1,500 IOPS on random read operations and 500 IOPS on random write operations, and sequential speeds of at least 10 MB/s. The Transcend 300S series tops out at 95 MB/s read and 45 MB/s write speeds, making it ideal for storing and running mobile apps.

Transcend 500S : UHS V30 Compliance For Ultra HD 4K Recording

The Transcend 500S series SD and microSD cards are UHS Video Speed Class 30 (V30)-compliant, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted Ultra HD 4K video capture. These cards meet V30 specifications of at least 95 MB/s read and 60 MB/s write speeds. The Transcend 500S SD cards are offered in capacities of up to 256 GB.

Secure and reliable

Transcend microSD memory cards undergo a set of rigorous tests. These cards can perform at temperature extremes of -25° to 85°C as well as being waterproof, shock and vibration proof, and X-ray proof. Native error-correcting code embedded on the devices fixes most common file errors, ensuring files remain readable.

Transcend RecoveRx Software

Transcend offers the exclusive RecoveRx data recovery and storage device management software for use with its products. RecoveRx allows users to search deep within a storage device for traces of erased photos, documents, music, and videos. RecoveRx can also format and write-protect flash memory cards.


Price + Availability

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  • Transcend 300S SD cards : 16 GB to 512 GB
  • Transcend 300S microSD cards : 16 GB  to 128 GB
  • Transcend 500S SD cards : 8 GB to 256 GB
  • Transcend 500S microSD cards : 8 GB to 128 GB.

All of Transcend’s memory cards are covered by Transcend’s Five-Year Warranty.

Here are some purchase links for your convenience :

  • 32 GB Transcend 300S microSD : $10.99
  • 64 GB Transcend 300S microSD : $21.99
  • 128 GB Transcend 300S microSD : $43.99

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