The Top 10 Rising Malaysian YouTubers In 2017 Revealed!

Kuala Lumpur, December 8, 2017 – YouTube Malaysia today released its leaderboard of 2017’s top rising YouTubers in Malaysia. This list presents the 10 local YouTube creators and channels that saw the largest spike in subscriber growth throughout the year and celebrates these mostly young and super talented individuals and groups that keep us entertained, informed and best of all — make us think.


The Top 10 Rising Malaysian YouTubers In 2017

The top three YouTubers share similarities in that they combine humour, excitement and almost everything else on their channels. Bryson Lew’s many daring experiments and hilarious challenges were the catalyst for his 19x growth over this calendar year, with scenarios such as eating rusted faucets and blowing up a giant bubble wrap whetting his viewers’ appetite.

HXA Entertainment, on the other hand, has their unique brand of pillow talk to thank for their 13x growth while couple Iven & Sandy’s 7x growth was driven by naughty pranks and entertaining vlogs.

The rest of the Top 10 mine a similar vein, offering a mix of horror, crafts and food to travel, how-tos and opinion videos from both individuals and groups that look to push creativity to the forefront and add a distinct Malaysian flavour to the online video platform.

The top rising Malaysian YouTubers of 2017 are:

YouTube creator Channel description Subscriber growth multiplier in 2017
Bryson Lew A blend of regularly scheduled vlogs, pranks and experiments. 18.96x growth with 310,000+ subs and counting
HXA Entertainment Pillow-talk mixed in with pranks and challenges. 12.99x growth with 155,000+ subs and counting
阿源与沙子 Iven&Sandy A couple-led channel with a unique take on pranks and challenges. 7.44x growth with 231,000+ subs and counting
Kupi Kupi GO Top 10 lists of facts, horror tales, and everything in between. 6.27x growth with 105,000+ subs and counting
CodyHongTV A mixed bag of vlogs, skits, pranks and challenges. 5.97x growth with 481,000+ subs and counting
Wong Pang Zhen Travel vlogs interspersed with gaming, challenges and dares. 5.81x growth with 75,000+ subs and counting
Skymagenta Craft A do-it-yourself channel for homemade craft. 5.68x growth with 81,000+ subs and counting
Zukiemohamad A jack of all trades famous for his comedic acts. 5.61x growth with 77,000+ subs and counting
JerryOppa Tempts fate with his comedic and paranormal-focused challenges. 5.57x growth with 95,000+ subs and counting
Findy Yong Showcases her musical talent and tackling trending challenges. 5.45x growth with 159,000+ subs and counting

“Our YouTubers offer a snapshot of just how original, creative and innovative Malaysians can get when provided with an effective platform and the right tools,” said Zeffri Yusof, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Google Malaysia. “Their channels reveal what Malaysians and their international subscribers want when they go to YouTube, and as a result we all get to enjoy a mixed bag that ranges from humour to horror and from rants to social commentary and almost everything in between.”

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