SAP Digital Experience Report : Malaysians Are Not Happy

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SAP today released the results of their inaugural SAP Digital Experience Report. Conducted among 500 participants requiring them to rate about 1400 digital engagements, the survey reveals that Malaysia only achieved a DX (Digital Experience) score of 17%.

The DX score is derived as the difference between consumers who are delighted with their digital experience (43%) and consumers who are unsatisfied (26%) with their digital experience. There is certainly much room for improvement here given that the average score in the region comes up to 27%.

SAP Digital Experience Report : Terrence Yong

The SAP Digital Experience Report was presented by Terrence Yong, Managing Director of SAP Malaysia who said “Malaysia is at an exciting time in its development. With 14 million digital consumers, digital is becoming a part of our daily lives. This rapid growth is also making consumers in Malaysia more sophisticated in their digital preference. To help them navigate through a multitude of devices and apps, customers are demanding simple, seamless and personalized experiences across any channel, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. As evident from SAP’s Digital Experience Report, brands that fail to realize this will see a drop in share of consumer’s wallet”


Key Findings From The SAP Digital Experience Report

Here are the key finding from the report:

  1. Consumers in Malaysia are, on average, delighted with their digital experiences
  2. There is a strong correlation between digital experience and net promoter score (NPS) and loyalty
  3. There is a strong correlation between digital experience performance and customers’ willingness to provide private data

It is interesting to note that despite all the concerns about privacy and security of personal data, consumers are very willing to divulge sensitive personal data to brands that they trust (or in this case satisfied with). This includes data on personal profile, main financial institutions, education level, occupation level, buying preferences, health or medical records, personal finances, mobile phone records, social media usage and even web browsing history.

SAP Digital Experience Report : SAP digital business framework

These kind of data is crucial to businesses today especially in the world of Big Data and IoT where SAP could develop solutions to make sense of these unstructured data into structured data to assist business in the ever changing business environment. With these data at hand, businesses will also be able to provide a more personalized solutions and products to its customers.

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SAP in its report then reveals some of the key factors which matter most to consumers that will help them to improve their digital experience. The top 3 factors which consumers find most important being:

  1. Safety and security
  2. Availability at any time
  3. Cohesive, integrated and simple

So what does this mean to the digital business? To excel digitally, brands must align their people and processes – not just in their marketing or digital teams, but across lines of business – onto a single platform architect-ed with the customer in mind.

To engage the customer digitally, businesses will have to engage the workforce and suppliers – and to marshal all of the assets to enable the elusive delightful digital experience. SAP calls this platform the digital business framework.

Download the report here

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