Samsung SUHD TV Makes Its Way To Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur, 13 May 2016 – In the four short months the Samsung’s SUHD TV was showcased to the world, it has already received many international awards and acclamations, recognising Samsung for their ingenious technology and astonishing design.

Previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas and locally displayed at the Samsung South East Asia Forum 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Samsung’s latest line-up of televisions have blown many away. Featuring a unique Quantum Dot display technology, Samsung has discovered the secret to creating richer, more vibrant colours without oversaturating the picture. Quantum Dots boosts the TV’s colour accuracy by 30%, producing life-like images in your very home.


SUHD TV Technology

Despite the exquisite design of the SUHD TVs, the nanotechnology behind the Quantum Dots make individual pixels hard to make out, even in close scrutiny, commended was also particularly impressed by how Samsung managed to craft LEDs powerful enough to meet the 1,000-nit UHDA standard, saying that “producing such bright LEDs in such a thin edge-lit TV without horrible backlight uniformity issues is quite an achievement.”

Other than its image precision, the software is also noteworthy. The Samsung SUHD TV features the SmartHub, exclusive to Samsung. Listed in’s best of Consumer Electronics Show 2016 selection, the SmartHub TV interface the Samsung’s latest effort to present every type of content in a unified way – making the home viewing experience that much more seamless.

Samsung SUHD TV Make Its Way To Malaysia


The writers of was particularly impressed by the technology behind the SUHD TV’s dongle and smart remote which lets you control a variety of devices around the home, including smart lightbulbs, thermostats, and smart locks – simple as that. With the Samsung KS9500 television, there is no fiddling with various control apps on your phone or installing one or more separate hubs.

Samsung is much more than software technology. As a global leading electronics brand, Samsung’s goal is to provide a complete holistic viewing experience to its users. They have mastered the craft of packing their state-of-the-art technology into a stunning, sleek design. This curved, slim and new boundless edge design offers the optimum immersive experience, so much so that HD Guru awarded the Samsung KS9500 SUHD TV with the ‘Best TV Design’ award.

Samsung SUHD TV Make Its Way To Malaysia complimented its beauty, stating that the television ‘has its destiny set as the center of your home entertainment experience’ and was impressed by the amount of work Samsung had been able to achieve in the span of a year since they first introduced SUHD TVs.

Samsung Malaysia Electronics is excited to bring its award-winning SUHD TV into the Malaysian market. Anticipating its local debut and in conjunction with the upcoming Euro Cup 2016, Samsung is offering superb savings of up to RM2,000 for every UHD TV purchased between 1st May to 31st May 2016. Additionally, a minimum purchase of RM1,000 on selected Samsung TVs in a single receipt entitle buyers to be in the running to win exclusive football merchandises.

Get in on these exciting deals now and immerse yourself in the ultimate 4K viewing experience this football season! Stay tuned for more information on Samsung’s revolutionary televisions!

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