Samsung QLED TV Wins CES 2017 ‘Best of Innovation’ Award

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8 May 2017 – Samsung TVs are renowned for revolutionizing viewing experience and delivering unparalleled brightness, contrast and High Dynamic Range using Quantum Dot technology. This year, Samsung is back with their 2017 line-up of QLED TVs – once again striving for excellence in picture quality.


Samsung QLED TV Wins CES 2017 ‘Best of Innovation’ Award

Since its spectacular global debut at CES 2017, Samsung’s QLED TV has received many international acclamations that recognise Samsung for its innovative technology in colour volume and ingenious design. To name a few, Samsung’s various QLED TV models received honouree mentions in various categories including Eco-Design, Smart Home, Video Display, Accessibility and Accessory.

While these honouree mentions are testaments to the brand’s breakthrough in Quantum Dot technology, it is CES 2017’s ‘Best of Innovation’ Awards that pays homage to the ground-breaking QLED TV.

Samsung QLED TV Wins CES 2017 ‘Best of Innovation' Award

Samsung’s acclaimed QLED TV did not only bag international awards, it also drew praises and approvals from industry experts and AV enthusiasts from around the world – earning top picks and placing high in editor’s choice awards.

“Samsung has made a major breakthrough in the research and development of Quantum Dot tech, and the company’s flagship Q9 Series is the embodiment of that work. The new dots enable a noticeable increase in colour volume, colour saturation, and overall brightness, making the Q9 Series possibly the brightest and most colourful consumer TV ever made.” – CES 2017 Editors’ Choice Award Winners by

‘These sets use proprietary Quantum Dots to display a billion different colours, with better brightness and contrast for one of the best pictures we’ve ever seen. Beyond image quality, what really impressed us about the new Samsung sets is their simple setup and lack of cable clutter.” – Techlicious Top Picks of CES 2017 and CES 2017: The Best Mobile Tech, PCs & Laptops On Display as quoted by ZDNet.

“Samsung’s Q9, Q8, & Q7 TVs rely on the company’s Quantum Dot technology, which delivers unrivalled luminance at 2,000 units and 100 percent colour volume according to the enterprise. The QLED Series include a ‘No-gap wall mount’ for vertical surfaces and a regular ‘Gravity Stand’ that resembles a piece of art. An ‘Invisible Connection’ cable will provide all solutions from power to peripheral devices.” – Best TVs from CES 2017 as quoted by Stuff, TechAdvisor, Pocket-lint, HDGuru and The USB Port.

These Samsung’s award-winning QLED TVs will soon reach Malaysian shores and promise to usher in a new era in home entertainment. Get ready for the #TheNextInnovationInTV.

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