QNAP Releases QTS 4.2.1 Official Release

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Taipei, Taiwan, April 21, 2016 QNAP Systems, Inc. today announced the release of QTS 4.2.1 – the smart NAS operating system – with more new features and improved apps that empower users to achieve more with both data management and office applications. With powerful new features and upgraded applications, QTS 4.2.1 makes for smarter and smoother data management experiences with stronger cloud service security.

“We are pleased to release QTS 4.2.1 and believe that it will allow our users to achieve more in their business and home life. We received significant feedback from QTS 4.2.1 Beta reviewers, and this provided constant encouragement for our development team to provide better QTS functionality for users,” said Tony Lu, product manager of QNAP, adding “designed with a smarter and smoother user interface, QTS 4.2.1 is a reinvented NAS operating system for more immersive experiences and stronger security.”

QNAP Releases QTS 4.2.1


Powerful network & virtual switch, proxy server and Windows previous versions support for SMB application

Network & virtual switch integrates powerful network management functions to provide a comprehensive network topology overview and enhances port trunking connectivity. Virtual switches enable users to build isolated LAN environments with the built-in DHCP server for better data security. An example usage case would be restricting access to IP camera surveillance footage.

The proxy server application fully supports caching to record content accessed from the Internet. This saves bandwidth, and speeds up network transmission. The proxy server application provides an intuitive interface to simplify proxy server settings on your NAS, enabling you to operate your own proxy server in just a few clicks. The proxy server provides cache and connection controls for Internet services.

For companies that need a boost to web response time and security, this application can be leveraged to make your NAS a web proxy server to protect other devices in your local network from Internet attacks. Moreover, QTS 4.2.1 with snapshots allows Windows users to restore files directly using the “Previous Version” feature to save time and effort without requiring support from IT staff.


Useful Qsirch, Hybrid Backup Sync and Qmail for data management

Qsirch 2.1 brings further improvements to the convenient QNAP exclusive whole-NAS search function. File indexing runs as a background task, allowing users to oversee the indexing progress and status. This feature can also exclude files from indexing, so users can filter search results by file type including photos, music, videos, and documents.

The content preview presents thumbnail previews for photos, videos, and PDFs, making searching and browsing through huge amounts of results much faster and easier. Hybrid Backup Sync consolidates backup, restoration and synchronization functions into a single QTS application for you to easily transfer data to local, remote and cloud storage as a comprehensive data storage and disaster recovery plan.

Qmail is an email client that allows users to access various email accounts or switch to other accounts. Supporting major email services complying IMAP protocols, Qmail allows automatic email backup from cloud services to QNAP NAS. Qmail also enables users to manage different email accounts easily and select files from a NAS as attachments.


Experience more with QTS 4.2.1

QTS 4.2.1 supports Linux-based applications, and PC users can download Linux Station from the App Center. Users can also operate the Linux Station as a remote desktop via web browser for instant management. Virtualization Station 2.1 supports GPU Pass-through and QNAP Guest tools, including VirtIO drivers, QNAP Guest Agent, QXL driver, and UltraVNC.

Direct GPU Pass-through enables GPU intensive workloads to be passed to virtual machines and demanding engineering applications. Container Station 1.4 supports editable LXC containers and fully supports running standard Docker® containers. Users can download thousands of applications from Docker Hub and run them in isolated environments in addition to being able to import/export apps with greater flexibility.

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QTS 4.2.1 Availability & Compatibility

QTS 4.2.1 is now available for the following QNAP NAS models:

  • 24-bay: SS-EC2479U-SAS-RP
  • 18-bay: SS-EC1879U-SAS-RP
  • 16-bay: TS-1679U-RP, TS-EC1679U-RP, TS-EC1679U-SAS-RP
  • 15-bay: TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP, TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP R2
  • 12-bay: SS-EC1279U-SAS-RP, TS-1253U, TS-1253U-RP, TS-1263U, TS-1263U-RP, TS-1269U-RP, TS-1270U-RP, TS-1279U-RP, TS-EC1279U-RP, TS-EC1279U-SAS-RP, TVS-1271U-RP
  • 10-bay: TS-1079 Pro, TS-EC1080 Pro, TVS-EC1080, TVS-EC1080+
  • 8-bay: SS-839 Pro, TS-809 Pro, TS-809U-RP, TS-851, TS-853 Pro, TS-853A, TS-853S Pro (formerly the SS-853 Pro), TS-853U, TS-853U-RP, TS-859 Pro, TS-859 Pro+, TS-859U-RP, TS-859U-RP+, TS-863U, TS-863U-RP, TS-869 Pro, TS-869L, TS-869U-RP, TS-870, TS-870 Pro, TS-870U-RP, TS-879 Pro, TS-879U-RP, TS-EC879U-RP, TS-EC880 Pro, TVS-863, TVS-863+, TVS-870, TVS-871, TVS-871T, TVS-871U-RP, TVS-EC880
  • 6-bay: TS-639 Pro, TS-651, TS-653 Pro, TS-653A, TS-659 Pro, TS-659 Pro II, TS-659 Pro+, TS-669 Pro, TS-669L, TS-670, TS-670 Pro, TVS-663, TVS-670, TVS-671
  • 5-bay: TS-531P, TS-509 Pro, TS-559 Pro, TS-559 Pro II, TS-559 Pro+, TS-563, TS-569 Pro, TS-569L
  • 4-bay: TS-410, TS-410U, TS-412, TS-412U, TS-419P, TS-419P II, TS-419P+, TS-419U, TS-419U II, TS-419U+, TS-420, TS-420U, TS-421, TS-421U, TS-431, TS-431+, TS-431U, IS-400 Pro, IS-453S, SS-439 Pro, TBS-453A, TS-439 Pro, TS-439 Pro II, TS-439 Pro II+, TS-439U-RP/ SP, TS-451, TS-451+, TS-451S, TS-451U, TS-453 Pro, TS-453A, TS-453mini, TS-453S Pro (formerly the SS-453 Pro), TS-453U, TS-453U-RP, TS-459 Pro, TS-459 Pro II, TS-459 Pro+, TS-459U-RP/SP, TS-459U-RP+/SP+, TS-463U, TS-463U-RP, TS-469 Pro, TS-469L, TS-469U-RP, TS-469U-SP, TS-470, TS-470 Pro, TS-470U-RP, TS-470U-SP, TVS-463, TVS-470, TVS-471, TVS-471U, TVS-471U-RP
  • 2-bay: HS-210, TS-210, TS-212, TS-212-E, TS-212P, TS-219, TS-219P, TS-219P II, TS-219P+, TS-220, TS-221, TS-231, TS-231+, HS-251, HS-251+, TS-239 Pro, TS-239 Pro II, TS-239 Pro II+, TS-251, TS-251+, TS-251C, TS-253 Pro, TS-253A, TS-259 Pro, TS-259 Pro+, TS-269 Pro, TS-269H, TS-269L
  • 1-bay: TS-110, TS-112, TS-112P, TS-119, TS-119P II, TS-119P+, TS-120, TS-121, TS-131

Please note that some features may not be available for all models.


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