Plextor S1 Series MLC SSD Launched

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The trend of SSD nowadays is shifting from MLC to a more cost efficient TLC flash memory and Plextor too with no exception, will be fully adopting the TLC memory on its upcoming products. As there are users who still prefer MLC SSD, Plextor today announced its last model in the MLC SSD product line, the Plextor S1 Series SSD for these users.


Plextor S1 Series

Plextor S1 Series are designed with the best price-performance ratio in mind to meet the need of the South east Asian Market and will only be available for the Southeast Asia region because of the limit edquantity of the MLC SSD. This means,you will have to come to the South east Asia region for the last chance to buy the MLC flash memory based SSD.

Plextor S1 Series SSD Launched

The strength of S1’s core components comes from the Toshiba’s high-quality Toggle Mode MLC NAND flash memory, as well as the SMI’s well-reputed SM 2246 controller. By extending Plextor’s exclusive firmware technology, and employing industry-preferred components, the S1 series provides users with performance up to 510/440MB/s in sequential read/write and 74K/79K IOPS in random read/write, respectively.

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The excellent performance data exhibited by the S1 series bring application advantages to users which exceed those of entry-level solutions.

The S1 series is suitable as an entry-level SSD for all types of users to drastically improve the load time of all applications, increase productivity, improve power efficiency, and enhance total system responsiveness. The S1 may not be the fastest drive on the market, but was carefully designed to provide the best value possible and still perform at amazing SSD speeds that won’t break the bank.

Plextor’s S1 series has successfully passed various stringent factory tests and with no doubt, meet the needs of SSD storage and upgrade requirements by desktop and laptop users. The S1 series SSD will be available in two interface specifications: 2.5-inch(S1C) and M.22280(S1G), two different storage capacity of 128GB and 256GB, and is covered by a 3-year warranty.


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