NVIDIA Ansel For ARK: Survival Evolved Now Available

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Today you begin your ARK: Survival Evolved adventure alone and naked in a fiery desert wasteland. To survive you’ll need to find water and food, harvest new flora and craft new items. Thrive and you’ll tame new creatures — and even bring back jaw-dropping images — from a stunning new world.


NVIDIA Ansel For ARK: Survival Evolved Now Available

NVIDIA has enabled ARK: Survival Evolved and its expansion pack Scorched Earth with NVIDIA Ansel, a powerful, easy-to-use game camera that lets you capture professional-grade screenshots in ways you never could before.

ARK players can now enjoy the biggest expansion pack yet, Scorched Earth, an entirely new desert-themed ARK filled with new biomes, creatures, gameplay mechanics and challenges that will push players’ survival skills to the limit.

Ansel for ARK: Survival Evolved

You’ll be able to travel back and forth from the Scorched Earth map to the ARK: Survival Evolved main game, taking with you newly collected tools, weapons and their new tamed creatures to impress your friends and dazzle your combatants.

With NVIDIA Ansel, gamers can capture beautiful screenshots of their surroundings and creations. Simply hit “Alt+F2” while in single-player to access the following Ansel features:

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  • Free Camera — Roll, zoom and reposition. Go wherever you want to create the perfect photo, capturing from never-before-seen perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Post-Process Filters — Tweak the look, feel and mood of your screenshot before saving. Ansel includes brightness, vignette, sketch, color enhancer, field of view and many other special effects options.
  • 360° Capture — Capture 360° panoramic screenshots in mono or stereo. View these images in Google Cardboard, on your PC or in a VR headset. For Android and Cardboard users, we’ve released the NVIDIA VR Viewer bundled with updated Ansel 360 Capture screenshots that you can view today. Download the app and check it out.
  • Super Resolution (Beta) — Capture huge screenshots beyond the limits of your monitor resolution at maximum fidelity levels for wall prints, posters or high-quality desktop wallpapers. This beta feature uses cutting-edge technology to deliver never-before-seen resolutions from game engines. Check out some examples in the Ansel Super Resolution Gallery.


Try Out Ansel on ARK

The NVIDIA Ansel technology is here today on ARK: Survival Evolved. Take unique screenshots that were once impossible to frame and snap.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, The Witness, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and now ARK: Survival Evolved all include Ansel support now, with more to come.


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