New Realme Visual Identity + Branded Products Revealed!

Realme today revealed a new visual identity, and a range of new Realme branded products – from t-shirts to office supplies. Check them out below!


The New Realme Visual Identity

To better identify with their target market of young smartphone users, Realme invited Eddie Opara, the multiple ADC Gold Cube Awards winner from the design studio, Pentagram, to create a new Realme visual identity.

The new Realme logo adopts a more concise and universal letter shape. It is a combination of human-figure and the uppercase “R” from “Realme”. A merged circle, square and triangle form a nested uppercase “R” and lowercase “r” which stand for the original aspiration of “Realme” as providing the youth with quality products they need and “realme” – young people’s true selves – simultaneously.

This clever nesting and blending design conveys Realme’s vision of sharing pride in being young with young people, while the hidden arrows point to the deep connection between Realme and young groups and their direct goals as well as absolute strength of taking challenges.

The upgraded visual identity system and logo are all based on vibrant golden yellow. This colour, called “Realme Yellow”, represents power, style, modernity and youthfulness; as well as positivity, optimism, friendliness and emotional energy, wisdom, harmony, prosperity.

The main auxiliary color, gray, represents professionalism, calmness, and inclusiveness; and will be used with other auxiliary colors including classic black and white, and a light gray tone, in Realme’s overall brand visual identity.


The New Realme Branded Products

Realme also launched a series of branded office supplies and apparel featuring the new Realme visual identity. They include handbags, paper cups, notebooks, folders, work badges, business cards, envelopes, sweaters and t-shirts.

The new Realme-branded apparel like t-shirts and hoodies will be offered in either Realme Yellow or Realme Grey options.

The use of the new Realme visual identity in these branded products are designed to give Realme fans more opportunities to express their support for the brand, not limiting to just Realme smartphones.


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