New Huntkey Products @ Global Sources Electronics Show

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Shenzhen, China, March 16th, 2016 – Huntkey Enterprise Group will showcase its latest technologies at the upcoming Global Sources Electronics, April 11-14, in Hong Kong.

New Huntkey Products @ Global Sources Electronics Show

Global Sources Electronics is the world’s largest electronics sourcing show and Huntkey will display a variety of new products including the SCA607 USB charging station which was first introduced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The highly convenient SCA607 can charge six devices at the same time, while the brush rack keeps devices in order to prevent desks or workspaces from becoming cluttered.

Huntkey To Present @ Global Sources Electronics Show

In addition to the SCA607, Huntkey will also bring its new power strips with different standards for different regions.

The new SMD series are American standard power strips, including SMD507, SMD807, SMD127 and SMD407. There are two versions of SMD507, SMD807 and SMD127, users can choose the power strips with two USB charging ports or with double network interfaces as needed. The SMD407 is a smart wall changer with two outlets and two USB charging ports.

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The SZN607 is the latest in the SZN series universal power strips, it is equipped with five sockets and two USB ports, a maximum of seven devices can be in use at the same time. It is the upgraded version of the Huntkey SZN507 power strip reviewed here.

It’s worth mentioning that the SZN607 is equipped with child protective shutters in each sockets. The shutters can be opened only when both the Live Wire hole and the Null Wire hole are inserted simultaneously. That is to say, when somebody accidentally inserts a finger into a pin hole, the socket will not be energized, therefore protecting users, especially children, from the danger of electric shock.

Huntkey SZN607 power strip

The new SZL series are universal standard power strips, composed of 2 models – SZL307 and SZL407, both with 2 USB charging ports, surge protection and child protection.

There are also three new members in SAC series Australian standard – SAC207, SAC607 and SAC807. The SAC607 power strip has six outlets and 2 USB charging ports, the SAC807 has eight outlets and four charging ports, while the SAC207 is a smart wall charger with two outlets and two USB charging ports.


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