mySamsung App Now Available In Malaysia

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Following the SEA Forum announcement on mySamsung app earlier this year, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is proud to announce the arrival of mySamsung programme in Malaysia. This is an ownership programme that both new and current Samsung customers can access through a mobile application (“app”). The app will help customers manage their devices, provide easy and direct access to customer service representatives as well as share ownership privileges to get the most out of their Samsung devices.


mySamsung Programme

The mySamsung programme provides assistance to customers right out of the box. Whether they are new to Samsung or upgrading from another device, most customers need help with devices. They may not always know where to go or what to look for and might not be aware of specific features or content. This app will help recommend the right tool for easy onboarding. Once the device is set-up, the app provides useful tips from customising the device to highlighting security features as well as using the various functions such as the camera.

mySamsung App Now Available In Malaysia

Current customers will also benefit from the mySamsung programme. The programme provides notifications and recommendations for customers to optimise their device usage as well as provide tips and suggestions ranging from extending battery life, to saving device memory. They can also enjoy direct access to customer service with one tap through the app.

The mySamsung app is compatible with Android OS 4.3 (Jellybean) and above.

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mySamsung App

The mySamsung is preloaded into the following devices :

If your Samsung device does not come with mySamsung preloaded, you can download it at


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